Physical Education

Curriculum Overview - Physical Education

Curriculum Intent:

The PE department endeavour to create an environment in which all students feel positive about PE and physical activity. We encourage our students to become ‘the best version of themselves’ whilst promoting a genuine passion for maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle, both outside of school and later in life. As students’ progress through the key stages, they will learn to identify, demonstrate and finally apply key physical concepts and techniques. Practical progress will be underpinned by a deep and thorough theoretical understanding relevant to their stage in the learning journey. Alongside this, students will develop the ability to articulate ideas and concepts using the correct terminology. This allows all students to demonstrate clear progress regardless of their practical ability. Students will cover a broad range of practical areas which will embed several key learning skills including comprehension, evaluation and resilience. Our curriculum intends to challenge our students both inside and outside of the classroom.

Curriculum Implementation:

The implementation of the PE curriculum is based around the development of long-term memory and recall. This requires students to fully grasp and understand key areas which are then committed to long term memory via the departmental process of ‘memory makers’. Throughout all areas of the curriculum students will reinforce prior learning thus achieving the curriculum intent. Students will gain a broad and far-reaching knowledge base which in turn fosters a lifelong love and engagement in physical activities.



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