Departmental Ethos

The geography department seeks to engender a passionate interest in the natural world around them and a sense of awe and appreciation for the processes which have shaped the natural world. We also believe that Geography has an important role to play in increasing pupils understanding and empathy for the people around them, the lives they lead, the challenges they face, and the contributions others make to improving our world from a local to a global scale.

We believe that the geography department gives our students the opportunity to better understand the world and the people in it.

Curriculum Intent:


Pupils should focus on developing skills of literacy, numeracy, graphicacy and cartographic skills.

An understanding and appreciation for the natural world and human society’s interdependence with it.

Pupils should appreciate the diversity of population within the UK and around the world.

Pupils should understand some of the challenges which people face both in the UK and globally and understand that they have a role to play in helping these challenges to be met. KS3 is a good introduction to physical and human processes which are further embedded into pupils learning in KS4.


Topics are balanced between physical and human geography and between local, national and global issues. The skills of literacy focused on the understanding and application of geographical terminology continue to be embedded. Numerical, graphical and cartographic skills are applied throughout. As with all learning and teaching there is a clear focus on developing pupil engagement, inquisitiveness and operating with a Geographers mind set which seeks to make connections between the human and physical world always insisting upon an evidence-based approach. The knowledge and skills developed at KS4 not only allow pupils to progress well in to the study of geography at KS5 but also assist our pupils in becoming young people who can better engage with the world.


A level focuses on depth, detail and accuracy. Literacy, numerical, statistical, graphical and cartographic skills are consistently taught and applied throughout the course. Greater depth of knowledge is important in students being able to give more extensive responses, it’s also very important for pupils to develop a synoptic mindset. These skills are evidently important in becoming better geography students and lead to students having a greater ability to succeed in their futures whether that be University study or other opportunities.

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