SEND Provision

SEND Provision


Cardinal Hume Catholic School is an inclusive school. We believe that all pupils, including those identified as having a special educational need, have a common entitlement to a broad and balanced academic and social curriculum which is accessible to them, and that they should be fully included in all aspects of school life. The Learning Support Department endeavour to ensure that all pupils are equally valued in school. The learning support team strives to develop an environment where all pupils can learn, participate, and achieve the best possible outcomes and feel safe. This does not mean that we treat all pupils in the same way, but that we will respond to pupils in ways which consider their varied life experiences and needs. We want those pupils identified as having special educational needs to make progress and achieve positive outcomes to enable them to make a positive contribution to society.  



In most cases, pupils with SEND will follow the curriculum in all subject areas. They will experience Quality First Teaching in the classroom, with adaptations according to need and ability to ensure all learning is accessible and all learners experience a sense of achievement. 

The curriculum plan in all subject areas will take into account planning for the needs of pupils with SEND across all year groups. Classes are set according to ability. In each year, we have created an additional teaching group for those pupils with more complex needs, some of these pupils may also have an Educational Healthcare Plan. These classes are kept much smaller in number than other classes to allow for more individual teacher input and will usually have at least one member of staff to support the class or specific individuals.  

If appropriate when transitioning to Key Stage 4, a personalised pathway may be arranged to ensure that the young person can engage actively in their education and follow an educational route suitable to their individual needs and aspirations. 

Intervention and support: In the first instance many children can be successfully supported through Quality First Teaching and suitable adaptions within the classroom. Teachers have access to personalised strategies through our class profile system and receive regular training from the Learning Support Department and the Teaching and Learning Team. All staff have opportunities to share good practice with colleagues. 

Some pupils may require an additional member of staff to support them in the classroom, this may be a Learning Support Assistant or a member of teaching staff. The allocated member of staff may be expected to support a group of pupils or an individual pupil. Where possible, the SENCo will allocate teachers who are supporting in class, to their specialist area. For example, a maths specialist will be allocated to support in maths lessons if the timetable allows.  

For the small number of children with more complex needs, a typical intervention may take the form of a 1:1 or small group intervention during curriculum time.  These interventions are conducted by the more senior staff in the learning support department. 

For such interventions, the learning support department will endeavour to follow the subject curriculum wherever possible and use curriculum content to develop, reinforce and consolidate the pupil’s literacy and numeracy skills. The learning support department will liaise with relevant outside agencies where appropriate to inform planning of more bespoke interventions.  

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