Your Year 9 Journey

Welcome to Year 9!  You’ve spent the last two years in Key Stage 3 and you’ll now be very familiar with going to each lesson in the subject area with a specialist teacher in that subject. You’ll know which subjects you are stronger in and which you enjoy most.

As Year 9 is your final year in Key Stage 3, you will be required to think about your future and look ahead to the final two years of Cardinal Hume in Key Stage 4, through the options process. During this time we will help you understand how your school work will influence the choices you make. There’s still plenty of time to show your ability through the 3 modules and the assessments at the end of each during Year 9.

Through Year 9, the modular assessments, the options process and other events, you will be supported by experienced staff to help you towards the end of your Key Stage 3 journey. Reviewing your progress will allow you to identify your areas of strengths and opportunities to develop.

Throughout the 5 years at Cardinal Hume, many pupils require specific help at different times for various reasons. As your Year 9 Progress Leader, I will be in regular contact with yourself, your tutors, your subject teachers and your heads of house. Through conversations with one or more of these people, you may be invited to one of the lunchtime support sessions, but even if you’re not, you will be welcome to come along whenever you want to or feel the need. Check your tutor noticeboard for my timetable of support from time to time. Stay organised and stop me if you need more help.

During Year 9 there will be visitors from outside of the school, such as Newcastle University, who come and deliver mentoring towards the final term and Oxford University provide information sessions about higher education

In addition to your studies, your wellbeing is also very important. In year group assemblies, we can all gather to spiritually reflect on issues of importance locally, and also looking at other events around the world. You will have the chance to learn about British Values and you should regularly check the ‘Wider Opportunities’ page for other ways you can maximise your growth and develop your character in Year 9. There is an opportunity to apply to be ‘Student of the Month’ through World Class Schools and also ‘Character of the Year’ for your outstanding achievements inside and outside of school, and I will encourage you, if the chance arises. Also you will have the chance to one of the monthly medallists, being recognised by your teachers for your efforts in your studies.

As you will start to think about your future, you will be introduced to UNIFROG either with me in specific session or in a specific IAG programme. This allows you to consider your strengths and interests in relation to different potential careers and investigate different professions. I will be available to help you throughout the options process from the first assembly through to helping you understand any subjects you are unsure about.

I look forward to meeting you and helping through to the end of Key Stage 3.

Mr Eccleston – Year 9 Progress Leader

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