Modern Foreign Languages

Curriculum Overview - Modern Foreign Languages

Curriculum Intent:

The aim of the MFL department is to equip students with a sound knowledge of phonics, vocabulary and grammar so that they are able to use language learnt in a range of different contexts and understand how the language works. Our pedagogy is research-led and practice-informed.

The department prides itself on providing outstanding lessons and is continually striving to improve the classroom experiences and attainment of all students in all key stages, irrespective of ability.

The MFL department is also committed to developing cultural capital in young people through pupils’ ability to communicate in other languages and appreciate differences between these languages and English. Understanding, respecting, and valuing different cultures all over the world is also integral. Finally, pupils are given the opportunity to develop opinions on a wide range of important, social issues.

Curriculum Implementation:

Our KS3 Schemes of Work follow the principles of Phonics, Vocabulary and Grammar. Phonics is introduced, practised, and consolidated across all three years. Vocabulary is introduced in mixed sets of 10-12 words per week (e.g., nouns, adverbs) with a strong focus on verb lexicon and selected from the 2000 most frequently used words. Grammar is introduced in pairs and taught to students receptively and productively through all modes and modalities so that they are confident language learners. All learning is revisited after 3- and 9-week intervals and before modular and end of year assessments.

KS4 builds on the KS3 core principles of PVG with planned revisiting opportunities built into all SOW. High frequency vocabulary is revisited alongside the introduction of GCSE topics.

KS5 is a continuation of their MFL journey with planned revisiting opportunities built into all SOW. Students study topics deeply rooted in the culture of the French or Spanish speaking world alongside reading, listening, speaking and translation skills. In Year 13 pupils develop their analytical and research skills with an Independent Research Project and essay writing skills.

KS3 French overview

KS3 Spanish overview

KS4 French overview

KS4 Spanish overview

KS5 French overview

KS5 Spanish Overview

Awarding body specifications: AQA – GCSE and A Level

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