Your Year 7 Journey

Welcome to Cardinal Hume School, Year 7!

Well done, you have successfully completed your academic journey at primary school and your journey into secondary school has just begun. My name is Mrs McGee, and I am your Year Progress Leader, which means I look after all of Year 7 to ensure that every single student feels supported academically in school and reaches their full potential.

I know you will be feeling a little nervous about joining us as it is a big step up from Year 6, but you are lucky to be joining a supportive family here at Cardinal Hume!  You will have lots of support from your teachers and we have tools to help you keep organised such as a Learning Library folder and planner which you will take everywhere.  I will help you with strategies to manage your homework and may invite you to join me at a homework hub if needed.

We are very lucky to have a modern and fully-stocked Library which you will have plenty of access to and you will join our Accelerated Reader programme.  There are times when you can use the materials and computers  there too.  Please don’t worry about the transition into secondary school – we have everything prepared to ensure that the start of your journey at Cardinal Hume will be a successful one!

You will be assigned to a tutor group and your tutor will help you to navigate everything you need to know such as your timetable, what sort of equipment you will need and how to stay organised.  They will even give you a tour of the building and keep you updated with all of the exciting events which will take place over the course of the year.  You will also belong to one of our five houses and you can help your house achieve house points and awards. Everyone here at Cardinal Hume takes pride in their individual and house achievements, with regular celebrations scheduled over the course of the year.

You can look forward to the opportunity of studying lots of different subjects with excellent teachers who will help you discover new interests and talents. Did you know that you will study at least 11 subjects all delivered by subject specialists? All of these subjects will develop your understanding, subject knowledge and passion for topics which you may never have encountered before. Remember: do your best, work hard and you will thrive studying these new subjects.

We aim to develop well-rounded individuals here at Cardinal Hume and you will take part in a range of activities including assemblies, enrichment programmes and tutor activities which help develop your individual character, spirituality and mindfulness.

But it is not all hard work and no play!  We also have lots of extra-curricular activities that you can participate in which include: sport clubs, chess club, journalism club and and reading clubs too. If you are adventurous you could come along to the eco-club where you could try gorge walking and camping.

I look forward to getting started on this journey with you and I have every assurance that you will have a brilliant year, here at Cardinal Hume!

Mrs McGee, Year 7 Progress Leader

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