Learning Agreement

Learning Agreement

Click Here to download a copy of the Student Learning Agreement to sign.

Post-16 education is voluntary so it is important that you make a full commitment to achieving success on your chosen courses.

This Learning Agreement is drawn up to give you the best opportunity for success.

Sixth form privileges

These privileges are available to Sixth Form students as long as they adhere to this Learning Agreement:

  • Common Room –students may use this area for socialising during their break and lunchtimes
  • You may use mobile phones in the Common Room and Street areas
  • Cafeteria – a good range of high quality foods unique to the Sixth Form
  • Students have ICT access in the Library, E9 and Work Room for silent, independent study during non-contact lessons and the Street area for quiet study
  • KS5 subject specialist resources are available in the Library and Work Room
  • Provision of IAG activities on a Friday afternoon and Futures Week in Y12, that will develop your knowledge of Progression Routes after Sixth Form and develop your Transferrable Skills
  • Provision of your own Unifrog account to use as a personal Careers Platform
  • The opportunity to engage and involve yourself in a wide range of Leadership and Extra-curricular Opportunities to acquire your School Colours and develop your employability skills.

Student agreement

All students agree to:

  • Aim to be in school 100% of the time and have a minimum attendance of 96%.
  • Not take holidays  during term time. Any holiday taken will not be authorised during term time.
  • Make every effort to book medical (or other) appointments outside of school hours, at weekends or in holiday time.
  • 100% punctuality and attendance to timetabled Subject lessons, General RE, Directed Study lessons, morning registration and tutor (8.45am), IAG, Masses and Assemblies
  • wear your Sixth Form uniform in accordance with the Uniform Policy
  • wear your uniform with pride so that you are a smart role model for our younger children in school and the wider community
  • complete all Directed Study tasks, homework and coursework, as well as Independent Study, and hand them in to meet deadlines issued by staff
  • attend timetabled Directed Study lessons fully equipped and ready to work. Students will not be allowed to leave these lessons for any reason
  • make good use of non-contact time in school by using the Library, ICT facilities, Sixth Form Work Room and Street area to complete work set
  • to take responsibility to undertake and complete independent study
  • inform and seek advice from your subject teacher, tutor or Head of Sixth Form if you are having difficulty with any aspect of your studies
  • accept a shared responsibility with others in the Sixth Form for good conduct in school and for careful upkeep of all Sixth Form areas
  • adopt a sensible, mature attitude in relationships with staff
  • accept a general responsibility for giving leadership and example to younger pupils and fellow students
  • limit part-time work to 10 hours per week.
  • accept responsibility to find a week’s Work Experience placement
  • abide by all school regulations and ICT Acceptable User Policy
  • only consume drinks and snacks in permissible Sixth Form areas and the Street at break and lunch time- students have a shared responsibility for the tidiness of these areas
  • follow signing in/out procedures in line with Health and Safety Fire Regulations to safeguard yourself and fellow students and pupils in the school

School agreement

The School will

  • provide teaching and homework for all subjects throughout the academic year
  • provide you with timetabled hours of Directed Study to enable success and develop your independent learning skills for University or Employment.
  • provide you with a Tutor who will meet with you to discuss your academic and personal progress in the Sixth Form
  • provide you with Modular Assessment Data and Assessment Feedback so you can monitor your progress and implement the Feedback given
  • provide Parental Reports on academic progress in the Sixth Form
  • provide information and advice on Post-18 Options: Employment, Apprenticeships, Further and Higher Education including UCAS and careers information
  • provide Leadership and Enrichment Opportunities for extra-curricular involvement in sporting and community activities
  • provide the opportunity for you to achieve your School Colours: Fide, Labore and Caritate
  • be open for you to use study facilities: Work Room and Street areas Monday-Thursday until 5.30pm or in a department if supervised by a member of staff
  • safeguard all pupils and students

Unacceptable conduct

The following conduct is unacceptable and will be dealt with through the school’s disciplinary procedures.

  • Failing to abide by school rules
  • Breaching the Uniform Policy
  • Arriving late to morning tutor registration (after 8.40am) or lessons
  • Leaving the school site between 9.00 and 3.15pm
  • Leaving or entering the school site without signing out/in at Main Reception
  • Smoking on the school site, entrance, neighbouring housing, roads leading to school site and public transport to and from school
  • Using mobile phones in tutor, lessons, in the atrium or around the school site
  • Acting irresponsibly in any of the Sixth Form Areas or wider school environment
  • Playing cards or gambling on-line
  • Misuse of substances
  • Breaching the ICT Acceptable User Policy

As a Sixth Form student, I have made a clear choice to continue my education at school. This choice involves obligations from both me and the school. I agree to uphold these obligations.

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