Wider Opportunities

In Year 10 we offer a number of exciting wider opportunities to help with developing your understanding about next steps and post-16 pathways. All opportunities should be taken to enhance your study skills and personal development.

  • Futureme

    This opportunity allows pupils to discuss, consider and research potential future routes and post-16 pathways.

  • University Education

    This is a project which allows a maximum of two students per school to take part in mentoring and a summer school at Oxbridge. Interested students must complete an application.

  • Newcastle University

    Undergraduate volunteers from several subject specific areas, visit school to provide additional tuition to groups of selected pupils enabling stretch and challenge.

  • Durham University

    Durham University undergraduates lead workshops here for selected pupils. There are also opportunities to attend open days at Durham University.

  • World Class Schools

    Through several different opportunities throughout the year, this organisation allows pupils to enter a monthly competition and provides activities at different times of the year that pupils can participate in.

  • Girls Network

    Selected Year 10 girls will be involved in working with specialists from outside school, along with staff to expand their understanding, experience and develop their confidence of important issues through workshops.

Speech & Debate Club

Speech & Debate ClubThe Speech and Debate club is led by 6th form students. If you join, you will have the chance to discuss a variety of topics and develop your oracy skills

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