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We are incredibly proud of our Sixth Form and the superb quality of education we provide to students in Gateshead and beyond. Whatever their background, all our students progress to prestigious universities, including Oxford and Cambridge, or high value vocational and professional training, including advanced apprenticeships and degree apprenticeships.

Although many of our students have attended Cardinal Hume in Year 11, we are an inclusive sixth form with a mission of service to the whole community, and every year receive a substantial number of applications from students who currently attend other schools. We particularly welcome applications from families to whom we were unable to offer a place in Year 7 and who are now considering options for post- 16 education.

Our sixth form in underpinned by the Catholic Ethos of the school and its motto: Fide, Labore, Caritate, which means By Faith, Hard Work and Kindness. These values are very much in evidence in the Sixth Form, where an experienced and dedicated team of staff looks after our students and guides, challenges and encourages them throughout their journey. All students are recognised as individuals and achieve ambitious goals.

Our Year 13 graduates this year recommend our Sixth Form because ‘it has high quality teaching, continuous support from subject teachers within a friendly, social environment’ with pastoral staff ‘that really care about your personal goals, not just your grades’ and ‘they know you on a personal level, know your strengths and weaknesses, keeping you on track with your work and up-to-date with your progress ’.

We value our Sixth Form students and are able to afford them many privileges to recognise their contributions as young adult ambassadors to the school and wider community.

Sixth Form Bridging Units

Dear Year 12 student,  

 Welcome to the 2023 Bridging work to help you bridge the gap between Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5. Now that you have received your GCSE grades and selected your courses it is important that you get prepared for returning to school.  

 The tasks that we are going to ask you to complete have been devised to give you a common starting point for each course, there will be a task or tasks associated with each one that you must fully complete to the very best of your ability and submit by the required deadline of Monday 11th September 2023. As with the induction work, it is imperative that you meet the deadline set, this demonstrates your commitment to the subject and a level of independence that is required to be successful at this level of study.  

 The bridging material can be found on the school website on the ‘Welcome to our Sixth Form’ page. 

You should complete work for just the subjects that you are registered for. Please click on the subject listed to download the relevant documents. 

 If you selected a vocational subject in two blocks eg) Health, Health, ICT then you complete the Vocational V2 Health folder as well as the Vocational ICT folder. If you selected it in one block, eg) Health, ICT, French, you complete the Vocational V1 Health folder along with the, Vocational ICT and A Level French folders.  

 Before you attempt anything within a folder please always read the Subject overview document. This is unique to each subject and will inform you what you need to do and in what order, it also tells you how the work is to be submitted and provides an email address if necessary in which to return it to. Please only use the address supplied to ensure your work is received.  

We look forward to seeing you all on your return on the 6th September.


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