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Parents’ Evenings

Annual Parents Consultation events are an important part of the school calendar, and a vital opportunity to strengthen the partnership between school and home.

The school has introduced a new, intuitive and easy-to-use online appointment booking system in response to requests from staff and parents. This allows parents to choose their own appointment times with teachers, and to speak to them face to face without the need to attend school or queue for appointments.

When an invitation is sent to parents to attend an event, a letter including login details and other support is sent a week before the event, with a reminder shortly before the event takes place.

School Cloud is a safe and efficient way to maximise opportunities for parental communication. Inevitably, time is precious at these events, and appointments have a cut-off time of 5 minutes to ensure staff have time to speak to as many parents as possible. Everyone taking part in online meetings is reminded that calls are confidential and may not be recorded in any way.

A short guide on how the system works can be found via the following link.

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