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Offering an effective introduction to the health and social care sector, our department looks at the role the industry plays in the health, wellbeing, and care of individuals. It also introduces our students to knowledge and skills needed to work in various care settings.  

During year 10 students will cover the foundational knowledge that prepares them for Year 11. This includes learning about the life stages of development, principles of care, the values of care and how to support individuals through life events across the health and social care sectors. 

During year 11 students will build on their prior learning from year 10 and begin to explore in more detail the importance of building relationships with service users. They will discover key legislation, policies and procedures and person-centred values. 

 Students will be able to discover the difference between formal and informal support and the practices that service providers deliver to meet individual’s needs. 

By KS5 students our students explore the reality of working in the Health and Social Care sector, this involves deep diving into legislation, health and safety, safe working practices and a person-centred approach to care. Our students are engaged in a well-planned and challenging curriculum that prepares students for their choice of career beyond the classroom. 

The main aim of our course is to provide our students the tools to think creatively, logically and critically. We want our students to develop a deep understanding of what it is like to work in the health and social care industry and to be equipped to develop practical skills that can applied to real life experiences.  

Our programme of study allows our students to understand the fundamental principles of the realities of working in industry, alongside how to promote individual’s right, promote equal and fair treatment and empower service users to succeed when accessing different services. 

Our curriculum allows students to reflect on what it means to be a service provider and the impact the health and social care sector can have on making a difference to individual’s lives. We aim through our examined content and coursework units; our students are prepared the world of work in whatever career our students opt to go on to. 



In KS4, our students have a clear learning journey they are taken on throughout their two years of study. Each unit of delivery is sequenced and promotes a love of learning for our students. This is by students being empowered to take ownership of their coursework and examined study from the start.  

Our students will complete assessment tasks (both coursework and exam study) from year 10. Our staff encourage students to conduct independent research, reflect on their learning and make links between units of work, in order to aid their learning.  

In order to pass their coursework, our students must be able to identify links in their learning. As part of the exam board’s criteria, students are expected to make detailed comparisons of the units of work they have completed and being able to self-reflect on their learning.  

We pride ourselves on students having regular opportunities for assessment, our students will submit coursework tasks towards their final portfolio every term in Year 10 and Year 11. They will be empowered to take full ownership of their work and be able to produce outstanding work that reflects their learning journey. 

From the start of Year 12, our students are empowered to take full ownership of their work. Our team work hard to provide students the best opportunities to achieve top grades, by teaching our students the way to write academically from day one. This supports our students to be able to write professionally in both examined units and extended coursework tasks.  

KS5 allows our students to prepare for further education and the world of work, the programme of study we follow guides our students in preparation for real world experiences beyond the classroom. 

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