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Our intent at Cardinal Hume Catholic School is to provide students with a challenging, well-balanced curriculum that both equips them with Mathematical skills for life and challenges all students to reach their potential, regardless of background or ability.  We are passionate about creating and delivering lessons that enable our students to make connections between Mathematical ideas so that they develop fluency, Mathematical reasoning and consequently the ability to solve problems confidently.  We aim for all students to enjoy their Mathematics lessons, build resilience, and progress as a Mathematician.  We want students to develop their love and appreciation for Mathematics, how it is present in many of their other subjects, how it has shaped the world around us and plays a key role in many careers. 


Our curriculum at Cardinal Hume Catholic School is designed as a 5-year learning plan for KS3 and KS4 and an additional KS5 curriculum which complements this.  All OOLS consider the previous learning of the prior key stage and new learning is sequenced in such a way that allows skills to be developed whilst building upon prior knowledge.  Through a mastery curriculum, where topics are interleaved, students develop their own ability to form representations of Mathematical concepts and to move fluently between these ideas.   

Sufficient lesson time is spent exploring new concepts and allowing topics to be mastered whilst solving a variety of problems.  Students consolidate their learning through intelligent practice tasks and discussing misconceptions. 

Opportunities for review and revisiting prior learning is a key feature within Mathematics lessons, students will regularly revisit topics studied previously through a variety of different tasks within their lessons and at home.  These activities allow for ongoing revision and will support with knowledge retention whilst supplementing progression onto new learning. 

Students are assessed regularly in many different ways, informal methods of assessment are used in the classroom such as, diagnostic questions, homework, exit tickets and low stakes quizzes.  These are key features of all Mathematics lessons.  Students are assessed more formally regularly throughout the year at all key stages.

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