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School travel update September 2023


Cardinal Hume School Travel Information

We are fortunate to have four scholars’ services which serve our wide-spread community:

*S882             This serves Birtley only

*S878              This serves Pelaw and the eastern part of Wardley

S 879 am       Starting at Festival Park this serves Gateshead travelling to school

via Fewster Square and Leam Lane

S 880 pm       The return service for the 879, but ending at Wealcroft


S 881              Travels to Chowdene Bank via Kells Lane


*Students on these services travelling from the furthest stops are eligible for a priority pass. On the home journey, other students may access these services if there is available space.

These are public bus services, and members of the public are entitled to use them should they wish to do so.  Services are amended occasionally as the number of passengers on specific routes changes.  Parents will be notified of such changes. The school is unable to provide additional vehicles or to amend routes, but we work closely with Nexus to ensure the best possible service for our school community.

Ouston service

This service is arranged privately as it falls outside of the Gateshead area. Parents should contact school if they wish their child to access this service.

Parents and students are reminded that students are representing our school community when travelling to and from school. They must wear full school uniform and are expected to maintain the highest standards of personal conduct.

To ensure your child is using the most appropriate service, the Nexus website is a great source of information including current timetables and route maps.

Gateshead school bus services |

If parents / carers have any further concerns or queries regarding school travel, please contact the school office for advice.

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Ouston Bus

This private bus service is provided for students living in Ouston.  Parents interesting in booking places should contact the school office for prices and further details.  There are places available for all students living in Ouston.

Parents and students are reminded that students must wear full school uniform on transport,  and are representing our school community.  All students are expected to maintain our high standards of conduct at all times.

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