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School travel update September 2023


Revised timetables for the 878 and 879 AM service have been issued by Nexus. From MONDAY SEPTEMBER 25TH please follow this timetable. You may find it helpful to look at the route maps for the revised services.

The trade union representing drivers at Go North East has announced strike action for weeks commencing 30 September and 14 October 2023. Should these strikes go ahead, this may affect the following Cardinal Hume Scholars’ services:


880 afternoon service




Further talks involving ACAS are to take place and it is hoped the strikes can be averted.  We will inform parents as soon as plans are confirmed by Nexus, but in the meantime families may wish to consider their own contingency arrangements.

Mrs R. Flint

Personal Development Lead

Work days: Monday to Thursday

Scholars Services

School Transport Update August 23

Scholars’ bus timetables have been amended to accommodate the earlier start to the school day and are available on the school website and on the Nexus website. Gateshead school bus services |

The 882 and 878 services are likely to be oversubscribed in September, so please be aware of alternative services as your child may not be able to get a seat on their first choice of bus.

878: This bus is usually full by the time it crosses the Felling Bypass. Students living in Wealcroft and Felling can use the 879 / 880 service (see details of route on Nexus website)

882: This bus is only for children from Birtley, and is oversubscribed. We encourage any older students who can to us the 82 service, which arrives at school in plenty of time for the start of the day. to and from school so that there is capacity for younger students.

The Ouston bus will continue to run as usual. New Y7 pupils will have a place on the bus from the first day of term. Prices and details of payment will be provided in September when we know how many students will be using the service.

Parents are reminded that students are representing our school community when travelling to and from school. They must wear full school uniform, and are expected to maintain the highest standards of personal conduct

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Ouston Bus

This private bus service is provided for students living in Ouston.  Parents interesting in booking places should contact the school office for prices and further details.  There are places available for all students living in Ouston.

Parents and students are reminded that students must wear full school uniform on transport,  and are representing our school community.  All students are expected to maintain our high standards of conduct at all times.

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