Cardinal Hume has a yearly retreat programme with the YMT at the Youth Village in Consett. The aim of our Year 8 retreat is to allow students to engage with the spiritual dimension of their human nature. It is an overnight retreat that focuses on choices young people have to make and discusses the value of sacramental development for young people. Staff who attend the retreat programme have also thoroughly enjoyed connecting with students in a spiritual way that the pressures of daily school life cannot allow.

The school also provides a Year 13 retreat. The main aim of the retreat is to awaken the spiritual dimension in the young person and allow them to de-stress in what is the most important and pressurised school year they have encountered. In enabling the young people to connect with God it allows them to realise there is a way taking pressure of themselves by handing things over to God. Young people are directed towards the understanding that through hard work, prayer and the correct focus, all things are possible. If they do their best, God will do the rest!

The school also supports the outstanding diocesan festivals organised by the Youth Ministry Team and the Catholic Education Service. The festivals are run in a way that encourages young people to think and deepen their understanding of the importance of a relationship with God and how this connection with God has a huge positive impact on their lives when nourished properly through prayer and Church.

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