Sixth Form Library


  • Art
    Author Title Class No.
    Britt, D & Ruhrberg, K Modern Art: Impressionism to post-modernism 709.04
    Walther,I.F Art of the 20th century 709.4
    Zuckerman, J Techniques of natural light photography 778.7
    Gormley, A Making an angel 730.92
    Rothenstein, J & Gooding, M Alphabets and other signs 745.6
    Meehan, J The photographer’s guide to using filters 771.3
    Hicks, R Successful black& white photography 778.62
    Hughes , R & Freud, L Lucian Freud paintings 759.2
  • Biology
    Author Title Class no.
    Indge, B Rowland, M & Bailey, M AQA Biology for A2 570
    Pickering, W. R AS & A-level biology through diagrams 570
    Indge, B Rowland, M & Bailey, M AS/A-level biology 570
    Indge, B Rowland, M & Bailey, M A-Z handbook, biology 570.3
    Indge, B Rowland, M & Bailey, M AQA biology for AS 570
    Boyle, M. & Senior, K Human biology: the complete guide 612
    Thain, M & Hickman, M The Penguin dictionary of biology 574
    Human health and disease 611
    Chenn, P Micro-organisms and biotechnology 620.8
    Jones, M & Grehory, J Central concepts in biology 574
    Taylor, D & Jones, M Foundation biology 574
    Burnet, L Exercises in applied biology 574
    Burnett, L Essential genetics: a course book 574
    Brookfield, A. P Modern aspects of evolution 575
    Kenny, J & Greenwood, D Friday afternoon biology 570
    Kay, K Interactive A-level biology:the chemistry of cells 570
    Abercrombie, M & Hickman, M The new Penguin dictionary of Biology 570
    Kapit, W, Macay, R. L, Meisami, E The physiology colouring book 612
    Levy, C. K Elements of Biology 570
    Weston, T Atlas of anatomy 611
    Toole, G & Toole, S AQA biology AS biology 570
    Burrows, C A2 level biology-the complete course for AQA 570
    Bowness, E AS-Level biology -the comp;ete course for AQA 570
    Johnson, K. A, Losos, J.B & Singer, S. A Biology (10th edition) 570
    Hirst. K & Jones, M A2 Biology for AQA 570
    Penny, J Maths skills for A Level Biology 570.151
    Toole, G & Toole, S AQA A2 Biology 570
  • Business
    Author Title Class no.
    Gladwell, M The tipping point 302
    Graham, B The intelligent investor 332.6
    Brewer, Q Edexcel economics  A2 Unit 4 –  The Global Economy 337
    Gavin, M Edexccel economics AS unit 1 – Competitive markets: How they work and why they fail 337
    Cole Edexcel economics AS Unit 2 – Managing the economy 337
    Ellis, B Edexcel Business studies Economics and business A2 Unit 3 – International business 337
    Bridge, R How I made it 338
    Branson, R Business stripped bare 338.04
    Klein, N No logo 338.88
    Bevan, J , Dooley, D & Goymer, j Btec Level 3 Business Book 2 650
    Bevan, J, Copeland-Smith, H, Dransfield, R , Goymer, J &  Richards, C Btec Level 3 Business Book 1 650
    Torrington D & Hall, L Human resource management 658.3
    Legge, K Human Resource Management: Rhetorics and Realities 658.3
    Johnson, G & Scholes, K Exploring corporate strategy 658.401
    Burke, D.J & Cooper, G.L The Organization in crisis: Downsizing, Restructuring and Privatization 658.405
    Buchanan, D & Badham, R Power, Politics and Organizational change 658.406
    Curtis, G & Cobham, D Busineszs information systems(6th edtion) 658.64
    Liker, G The Toyota way : 14 management Principles from the world’s greatest manufacturer 658.8
    Khanna, T Billions of entrepreneurs 330.9510
  • Chemistry
    Author Title Class No.
    Hunt, J.A. A-Z handbook : Chemistry 540
    King, R. AS/A-level chemistry 540
    Harwood, P, Hughes, M & Nicholls, L Further chemistry 540
    Nicholl, l & Ratcliffe, M Chemistry core 540
    Atkins, P. W. Molecules 547.1
    Smith, M. OCR (A) A23 Chemistry 540
    Smith, M. OCR (A) As Chemistry 540
    Lewis, M AS and A-level chemistry 540
    Ramsden, E. N A-level chemistry 540
    A2-level Chemistry: AQA: complete revision & practice 540
    AQA AS & A2 Chemisrtry:complete revision and practice 540
    Poole, E & Mc Govern, D Maths skills for A Level Chemistry6 540.151
  • DT
    Author Title Class no
    Pheasant, S. & Hargreaves, C Bodyspace: anthropometry, ergonomics, and the design of work 620.82
    Timings, R. L. Basic manufacturing 658.5
    Bird, J. O Basic engineering mathematics 620.1
    Timings, R. L. Manufacturing technology 658.9
    Campos, C Product design now : renderings 745.2
    Campos, C Product design sketches 745.2
    Ashby, M & Johnson Materials and design 620.1
    Bell, V. B. & Rand, P. Materials for architectural design 721.44
    Eissen K. & Steur, R. Sketching ; drawing techniques for product designers 742.7
    Evans, B & Potts, W AQA AS/A2 Design & Technology: Product design(3-D Design) 620
    Dent, A.H & Sherr, L Material innovation – Product design 745.2
    Lefteri, C Materials for design 620.1
    Powell, D Presentation techniques: a guide to drawing and presenting design ideas 745.2
  • English Language
    Author Title Class
    Salzmann, Z Language , culture and society 336.44
    Fromkin,V & Rodman, R An introduction to language 400
    Trudgil, P Sociolinguistics: an introduction to language and society 401
    Pinker, s The language instinct 401
    Pinker, S the language instinct 401
    Crystal, D The Cambridge enyclopedia of language 403
    Crystal, D An encyclopedic dictionary of language and languages 403
    Coates, J Men, women and language 410
    Pease, A. & D Why men don’t listen & women can’t read maps 410
    Aitchison, J The seeds of speech: language origin and evolution 417.7
    Culpeper, J History of English 420
    Thorne, S Mastering advanced English language 420
    Alderton Pink, M. A dictionary of correct English 420.3
    McArthur, T The Oxford companion to the English language 421
    Maher, J & Groves, J Chomsky for beginners 421
    Clark, U An introduction to stylistics 421
    Jackson, H & Stockwell, P An introduction to the nature and fuctions of language 421
    Brownjohn, S & Gwyn-Jones, G Spotlight on the English Language 421
    Russell, S Grammar, structure ans style: a practical guide to Advanced level English language 425
    Crystal, D The English language 427
    Turley, R. M. Writing essays: a guide for students in english and the humanities 808
    Greetham, Bryan How to write better essays 808.042
    Crystal, D How language works 410
    Thorne, S Mastering advanced English language 428
    AQA A2 English language A 428
    Coates, J & Pichier, P Language and gender 306.44
    Illingworth, M & Hall, N Teaching English language 16 – 19 428.007
    Clayton, , Kemp,B AS English language A  2nd edition 428.2
    Layburn, A & Saunders, M A2 English language A 2nd edition 428.2
    Royston, M & Jay, M Edexcel A2 English Language and Literature (Student Book) 428
    Truss, L Eats shoots & leaves 421.1
  • English Literature
    Author Title Class no.
    Ginger, j. An approach to criticism 801
    Peet, M & Robinson, D Leading questions 801.95
    Dubrow, W Genre 808
    Greetham, B How to write better essays 808.042
    Ruthven, K. K Myth 809
    Merz, C & Lee-Browns, P Post-war literature: 1945 to the present:English literature in its historical, cultural and social contexts 820.9
    Lee-Browne, P The Modernist period: 1900-45: English literature in its historical and social contexts 820.9
    Lee-Browne, P The Renaissance 820.9
    King, N The Romantics 820.9
    Ebbatson, R Tennyson 821
    Adams, A Wordsworth 821
    Coombs, H The age of Keats and Shelley 821
    Hill, J. S The romantic imagination; a casebook 821
    Chaucer, G & Robinson, F. N the works of Geoffrey Chaucer 821
    Dyson, A. E & Lovelock, J Milton, ‘Pardise Lost: a casebook 821
    Sisam, C. The Oxford book of Medieval verse 821
    Hunt, J. D. Tennyson, ‘In memoriam’ : a casebook 821
    Yeates, W. B The Oxford book of modern verse 821
    Durant, G. William Wordsworth 821
    Barron, W. R. J. Sir Gawain and the green knight 821.1
    Fraser, G. S Keats, ‘Odes’ : a casebook 821.7
    Jones, N Brian Friwel: Philadelphia, here I come; Translations; Making history; Dancing at Lughnasa – Notes 822
    Abbotson, S Student companion to Arthur Miller 822
    Bigsby, C. W. E The Cambridge companaion to Arthur Miller 822
    Male, D. A The white devil and the duchess of Malfi by John Webster : notes 822
    Jump, J Marlowe, Dr Faustus: a casebook 822
    Nandwani, A The duchess of Malfi 822.3
    Weatherall, J The duchess of Malfi 822.3
    Sims, S The duchess of Malfi: John Webster 822.3
    Dewhurst, J The duchess of Malfi- a post16 study guide 822.3
    Norwich, J. J Shakespeare’s kings 822.3
    Holdsworth, R. V Webster: the white devil and The duchess of Malfi – notes 822.3
    Shakespeare, W Macbeth 822.33
    McEvoy, S Shakespeare: the basics 822.33
    White, R.  S The Tempest 822.33
    Wain, J Shakespeare, Othello: a casebook 822.33
    Schoenbaum, S Shakespeare’s lives 822.33
    Holderness, G Sgakespeare’s history plays: Richard II to Henry V 822.33
    Thomson, P Shakespeare’s theatre 822.33
    Gurr, A The Shakespearean stage 1574-1642 822.33
    Muir, K Shakespeare: A winter’s tale: a casebook 822.33
    Beauman, S & Hands, T The Royal Shakespeare’s Company’s porduction of Henry V for the centenary season at the Royal Shakepeare Theatre 822.33
    Brown, J. R Shakespear, Antony and Cleopatra: a casebook 822.33
    Palmer, D Shakespeare, The Tempest: a casebook 822.33
    Hunter, G. K Sghakespeare, Henry IV parts I & II; a casebook 822.33
    Wilder, J. Shakespeare, The merchant of Venice: a casebook 822.33
    Miller, A Death of a salesman 822.52
    Hewitt, R Making history,Brian Friel:notes 822.914
    Grant, D The stagecraft of Brian Friel 822.914
    Tanslations by Brian Friel: a post-16 study guide 822.914
    Roche, A. The Cambridge companion to Brian Friel 822.914
    Brannigan, J. & Corbett, T Translations by Brian Friel: notes 822.914
    Gibson, J Brighton Rock by Graham Greene :study notes 823
    Schafer, C Message and meaning of Graham Green’s ‘Brighton Rock’ 823
    Routh, M Brighton Rock’ :study notes 823
    Moseley, M Understanding Michael Frayn 823
    Fairbairn-Dixon, A Frankenstein, Mary Shelley: notes 823
    Schoene-Harwood, B & Tredell, N Mary Shelley, Frankenstein 823
    Kramer, D The Cambridge companion to Thomas Hardy 823
    Peck, J David Copperfield’ and ‘Hard Times’: Charles Dickens- a casebook 823
    Williams, M A preface to Hardy 823
    Mackenzie. D The metaphysical poets 823
    Sage, V The Gothic novel; a casebook 823
    Page, N Dickens, ‘Hard times’, Great expectations’, and ‘Our mutal friend: a casebook 823
    Hazell, S The English novel: developments since Henry James: a casebook 823
    Sampson, D Brian Moore: the chameleon novelist 823.4
    Craig, P Brian Moore: a biography 823.54
    Sherman, S The kite runner 823.6
    Botting, F Frankenstein, Mary Shelley: a casebook 823.7
    Handley, G Brodies’s notes on Graham Greene’s ‘Brighton Rock’ 823.912
    Rooney, A Spies[by] Michael Frayn: notes 823.914
    Dawson, S. W Drama and the dramatic 809
    Kerr, C The Kite runner – Yorke notes advanced 823
    Peck, J & Coyle, M Literary terms and criticism 801.95
    Rank, T Poetry of the First World War – Yorke notes advanced 821.91
    Dymoke, S Mc Mechan, I, Royston, M & Smith, J Edexcel AS student literature – student book 820
    Edexcel A2 English literature – student book 820
    Warren, R Othello (York notes Advanced) – 2 copies 822.33
    Cox, M Othello (Philip Allan literature guide) 822.33
    Mason, P Othello(Cambridge student guides) 822.33
    Laverty, P The wind that shakes the barley(screenplay) 791.43
    Luca, J Student guide to Robert Browning
    New, P George Crabbe’s poetry
    Brett, R. L. George Crabbe
    Bareham. T George Crabbe
    Watson, J. R. Pre-Romanticism in English poetry of the Eighteenth century
    Jone, A. R. & Tydeman, W The Ancient Mariner and other poems
    Gravil, R Samuel Coleridge – selected poems(York notes – 2 copies)
    Potter, N Shakespeare: Othello
    Rooney, A Ian McEwan – Atonement (York notes)
    Ellam. J Ian McEwan’s Atonement
    French, K Atonement
    C Student guide to Robert Browning
    New, P George Crabbe’s poetry
    Brett, R. L. George Crabbe
    Bareham. T George Crabbe
    Watson, J. R. Pre-Romanicism in English poetry of the Eighteenth century
    Jone, A. R. & Tydeman, W The Ancient Mariner and other poems
    Gravil, R Samuel Coleridge – selected poems(York notes – 2 copies)
    Potter, N Shakespeare: Othello
    Rooney, A Ian McEwan – Atonement (York notes)
    Ellam. J Ian McEwan’s Atonement
    French, K Atonement
    Cox, M Othello: AS/A-Level student text guide(Philip Allan Upadates – 2 copies)
    Keates, J The Cornell guide to Robert Browning
    Hawlin, S Robert Browning
    Page, A Arthur Miller: Death of a salesman(York notes asdvanced)
  • French
    Author Title Class no.
    Jones, M Elan 2 448.2421
    Jones, M Elan 1 : AQA self- study guide 448.2421
    Maynard, G & Jones, M Elan 2 448.2421
    Kurbgov, E French grammar drills 448.2421
  • Geography
    Author Title Class no.
    Barker, A, Redfern, D & Skinner M AQA Geography AS/A2 units 2/4A: Geographical skills including fieldwork 910
    Barker, A, Redfern, D & Skinner M AQA  A2 geography 910
    Barker, A, Redfern, D & Skinner M AQA Geography AS unit 1: Physical and human geography 910
    Redfern, D & Skinner, m AQA AS/A2 geography 910
    Smith, J & Knill, R AQA A2 geography 910
    Smith, J & Knill, R AQA AS geography 910
    Raw, M AS/A2-level geography exam revision notes 910
    Christian, D Essential geographical skills 910
    Skinner, M, Redfern, D & Farmer, G Geography : an A-Z handbook 910
    Waugh, D Geography: an integrated approach 910
    Barker, A, Redfern, D & Skinner M AS geography (AQA) 910
    Terrell, S Sport and leisure 306.481
    Sheppard, P Economic activity and change 330.9
    Dove, J Tourism and recreation 338.4791
    Atkinson, D Weathering, slopes and landforms 551.3
    Anderson, D Glacial and periglacial environments 551.31
    Hill, M Coasts and coastal management 551.45
    Hill, M Rural settlement and the urban impact on the countryside 307.72
    Guinness, P Globalisation 337
    Skinner, M, Redfern, D & Farmer, G Hazards 551
    Nagle, G Rivers and water management 551.48
    Guinness, P Migration 304.8
    Hill, M Arid and semi-arid environments 551.3
    Nagle, G Climate and society 551.6
    Redfern,D Human geography: change in the United Kingdom in the last 30 years 914.2
    Nagle, G Advanced geography 910
    Ross, S. Essential AS geography 910
    Goudie, A The encyclopedic dictionary of physical geography 551
    Strahler , A Elements of physical geography 551
    Ollier, C Volcanoes 551.2
    Barker, A, Redfern, D & Skinner M AQA  A2 geography: Uniot 2 : Contemporary geographical issues 910
  • Health and Social Care
    Author Title Class Number
    Richards, J A-Z Handbook: Health and social care 362.1042
    Nolan, Y The Heinemann illustrated dictionary of health and social care 362.042
    Fisher, A Health & social care: OCR national level 2 362
    Clark, L OCR level 2 national certificate in health and social care 362
    Ody, p Essential guide to natural home remedies 615.321
    Brennand, H Child development : a comprehensive text for GCSE 612.654
    Price, S Armotherapy for women 615.321
    Brown, S The practical art of face reading 138
    Meggitt, C & Sunderland,G Child development : an illustrated guide 612.654
    Williamson, V Bach remedies and other flower essences 615.321
    White, L. B & Foster, S The herbal drugstore 615.321
    Widdowson, R Head massage 615.822
    Carper, J The food pharmacy 615.854
    Lewis, D 10 minute time and stress management 155.9
    MacPherson, G Black’s medical dictionary 610
    Beaver, M Babies and young children : Bk 1 Early years development 612.654
    Beaver, M Babies and young children : Bk 2 Early years care and education 612.654
    Lavery , S Armotherapy: a step by step guide 615.321
    Little, B The illustrated herbal encyclopedia 615.321
    Wright, J Reflexology and acupressure 615.822
    Brown, D. W. Reflexology : a practical introduction 615.822
    Jarmey, C Shiatsu foundation course 615.822
    Baggott, A The encyclopedia of energy healing 615.85103
    Krulik, N. E Don’t stress; how to keep lie’s problems little 614.582
    Shealey, C. N Illustrated encyclopedia of healing remedies 615
    Liechti, E The complete illustrated guide to Shiatsu: the Japanese healing art of touch 615.822
    Powell, T. J Stress free living 155.9042
    Human Health and disease 611
    Guide to natural healing 615.852
    Morton, J Human phsiology and health 611
    Wildwood, C Encyclopedia of aromatherapy 615.321
    Reflexology and complementary therapies 615.8
    Hall, N Thorsons principles of reflexology 615.822
    Stormer, C Language of the feet 138
    Purchon, N Aromatherapy 615.321
    Jones, T. W. H Dictionary of the Bach flower remedies 615.321
    Gottleib, B & Dollemore, D New choices in natural healing 615.5
    Stormer, C Reflexology: the definitive guide 615.822
    Ehret, A Mucusless diet healing system 615.5
    The BMA family doctor home adviser 610
    Westwood, C Aromatherapy:a guide for home use 615.321
    Hutchinson, G & Oliver, S Child development 649
    Sherwood, K Chakra therapy: for personal growth and healing 131
    Baginski, B & Sharamon, S Univeral life energy 615.852
    Raphaell, K Crystal enlightenment 133.25
    Bradford, N The one spirit encyclopedia of complementary medicine 615.5
    Leahy, R Cognitive therapy techniques – a practitioner’s guide 616.89
    Meggitt, C Child developmen : an illustrated guide. 3rd Edition with DVD 305.231
    Moore, S Aiken, D. & Chapman, S Sociology for AS for AQA 301
    Ridgewell, J Examining food & nutrition for GCSE 613.2
    Billingham, M Health & social care: BTEC Nationla level 3 Book 1 362.1
    Aldworth, C Health & social Care: BTEC Nationla level 3 Book 2 362.1
  • History
    Author Title Class no.
    Ackroyd, P The life of Thomas More 942.05
    Adelman, P Gladston, Disraeli and later Victorian politics 942.08
    Armitage, A The European Reformation 1500-1610 940.23
    Armstrong, A The European Reformation 1500-1610 940.2
    Bernard, G. W The King’s Reformation: Henry VIII and the remaking of the English Church 274.206
    Bindoff, S. T The Pelican history of England: Vol 5 Tudor England 942.05
    Bonney, R The European dynastic states, 1494-1660 940.2
    Browne, H Joseph Chamberlain, radical and imperialist 942.082
    Burke, P Thr Renaissance 940.21
    Cameron, E The European Reformation 274.06
    Cook. D Sixteenth century England 942.05
    Cross, M. C Thwe royal supremacy in the Elizabethn Church 942.055
    Cunningham, S Henry VII 942.05
    Davie, G. E The Scottish Enlightenment 941.07
    Dodd, G & Biggs, D Henry IV: the establishment of the regime 1399-1406 942.041
    Duffy, E Stripping the altars: Traditional religion in England, 1400-1580 942.05
    Dures, A English Catholicism 1558-1642: continuity and change 942.055
    Elton, G. R England under the Tudors 942.05
    Elton, G. R Reform and reformation: England 1509-1558 942.05
    Elton, G. R The Tudor constitution: documents and commentary 942.05
    Elton, G. R The parliament of England, 1559-1581 942.055
    Evans, D & Jenkins, J Years of Weimar and the Third Reich 943.085
    Graves, M. A. R The Tudor parliaments: Crown, Lords and the Commons 1485-1603 942.05
    Graves, M. A. R Elizabethan parliaments 942.055
    Greengrass, M The Longman companion to the European Reformation, c. 1500-1618 274.06
    Griffiths, R.A & Thomas, R. S The making of the Tudor dynasty 942.03
    Guy, J. A Tudor England 942.05
    Haigh, C Elizabeth I and the government of England 942.05
    Haigh, C The reign of Elizabeth I 942.05
    Harriss, G. L Shaping the nation: England 1360-1461 942.04
    Heard. N Tudor economy and society 942.05
    Helm, P. J History of Europe 1450-1660 940
    Hite, J & Hinton, C Weimar and Nazi Germany 943.085
    Houston, J. S James I 942.06
    Hughes, P The Reformation in England Vol 1: The King’s proceedings 942.05
    Hughes, P The Reformation in England Vol 2: Religio Depopulata 942.05
    Hughes, P The Reformation in England Vol 3: The religion now estalished 942.05
    Hussey, W.D The Brish Empire and Commonwealth 1500-1961 942
    Ingram, P Napoleon and Europe 944.05
    Jenkins, E Elizabeth and Leicester 942.05
    Johnston, A The Protestant Reformation in Europe 270.6
    Jones, P The 1848 revolutions 940.284
    Kenyon, J.P The Stuarts: a study in English kingship 942.06
    Lander, J. R Government and community: England 1450-1509 942.04
    Lee, S. J The reign of Elizabeth I 1558-1603 942.05
    Lee, S. J The Mid-Tudors; Edward VI and Mary 1547-1558 942.053
    Lewis, G The French Revolution: rethinking the detbate 944.04
    Lindberg, C The European Reformations(2nd edition) 274.06
    Loades, D. M Power in Tudor England 942.05
    Loades, D. M The Mid-Tudor Crisis, 1545 -1565 942.05
    Loades, D. M Two Tudor conspiracies 942.05
    MacCaffrey, W. T Elizabeth I and the government of England 942.055
    Mackenney, R. Sixteenth century Europe: expansion and conflict 940.232
    Marvyn, B Tudor rebellions 1485 – 1603 942.05
    McCaffrey, W Elizabeth I 942.05
    McGrath, A. E Reformation thought: an introduction 270.6
    McGrath, P Papists and Puritans under Elizabeth I 942.055
    Morrill, J. S The Oxford illustrated history of Tudor and Stuart Britain 941.05
    Morris, T. A Tudor government 942.05
    Mortimer, I The fears of Henry IV: the life of England’s self-made king 942.041
    Morton, G Home rule and the Irish question 941.508
    Mullett, M Luther 270.6
    Mullett, M The Counter-Reformation and the Catholic Reformation in early modern Europe 270.6
    Mullett, M Calvin 284.2
    Newman, S Yorkists and Tudors 942.05
    Newton, D Papists, Protestants and Puritans, 1559-1714 942.055
    Pond. J. Poverty and vagrancy in Tudor England 942.05
    Potter, G Ulrich Zwingli 270.6
    Potter, G. R The new Cambridge modern history, vol 1. The Renaissance 940.5
    Randall. K Elizabeth I and the government of England 942.05
    Randall. K France: monarchy, republic and empire 1814-1870 944.06
    Rees, D & Townson, D France in revolution 944.04
    Regan, G Elizabeth I 942.05
    Sharpe, J. A Crime in early modern England 1550-1750 942.05
    Smith, A. G. R The emergence of a nation state: the commonwealth of England. 1529-1660 942.05
    Smith, A. G. R William Cecil, Lord Burghley: Minister of Elizxabeth I 942.055
    Starkey, D Elizabeth: Apprenticeship 942.055
    Stearns, P. N European society in upheaval: social history since 1750 940
    Turvey, R & Heard, N Change and protest 1536-88: Mid-Tudor crisis? 941.05
    Warren, J Elizabeth I: Meeting the challenge, England 1541-1603 942.055
    Wedgwood, C. V The King’s Peace1637-1641: the great rebellion 942.06
    Wilmot, E The great powers, 1814-1914 940.28
    Woodward, G Spain in the reigns of Ferdinand and Isabella 1474-1516 946.03
    Wright, D. G Revolution and terror in France 1789-1795 944.04
    Yates, N The Oxford Movement snd Anglican ritualism 942.081
     Yates, N Selected documents on the reign of Elizabeth I 942.055
    McDonough, F Hitler and Nazi Germany
    Burleigh, M The Third Reich: a new history
    Lucas, J The Third Reich
    Evans, R. J The coming of the Third Reich
    Lewis, J. E Voices from the Holocaust
    Rowe, C & Gillingham, A Anti-Semitism, Hitler and the German People, 1919 – 1945
    Layton, G From Kaiser to Fuhrer: Germany 1900 – 1945
    Collier, M & Pedley, P Germany 1919 – 45
    Whitfield, R Life in Nazir Germany, 1933 – 1945
    Evans, D & Jenkins, J Years of Wiemar and the Third Reich
    Evans, R. J. The Third Reich in power
    Hite, J & Hinton, C Weimar ansd Nazi Germany
    Kenneally, T Schindler’s Ark
    Sanders, V Race relations in the USA 1863 – 1980
    Paterson, D Civil rights in the USA, 1863 – 1980
    McMillan, N. R. Remaking Dixie: the impact of World War II on the American South
    Du Bois, W. E. B. Black reconstruction in America, 1860 – 1880
    Fairclough, A Better day coming: Blacks and equality, 1890 – 2000
    Verney, K The debate on Black civil rights in America
  • ICT
    Author Title Class no.
    Harvey, G. Microsoft Excel 2010 for dummies 005.54
    Warner, J Dreamweaver CS4 for dummies 006.78
    Fuller, L. U. & Cook, K Microsoft Access 2010 for dummies 005.75
    Smith, J, Smith, C. & Gerantabe, F. Adobe Creative Suite 4 Web Premium all-in-one for dummies 006.68
    Kent, S. L The ulitmate history of video games 794.8
    Andress, J The basics of information security 005.8
    Barrows, A, Youmg, M. L & Stockman, J, C Microsoft Acces 2010 all-in-one for dummies 005.75
    Harvey, G. Excel Workbook for Dummies+CD-Rom 005.54
    Bowman, K. Systems Analysis – a beginner’s guide 004.21
    Finkelstein, E. & Leste, G Flash CS3 for Dummies 006.7
     Finkelstein, E. & Leste, G Adobe Photoshop CS3(Classroom in a box)+ CD-Rom 006.6
    |Smart, M Learn Excel 2010 essential skills with the Smart Method 005.54
    LaMothe, A Windows Game Programming for Dummies 794.81
    Clark, W The Gantt Chart – A working tool of management 658
    Graham, N & PortneyS Project management for dummies 658.4
  • Law
    Author Title Class no
    Martin, J Criminal law(Key Facts) 345.41
    Martin, J & Teal, S OCR criminal law for A2 345.42
    Martin, J  English legal system 349.42
    Ashworth, A & Horder, J Principles of criminal law 345.42
    Martin, J The English legal system 347.42
    Martin, J & Teal, S OCR Law for AS 349.42
    Charman, M, Vanstone,B & Sherratt, L AS Law 349.42
  • Mathematics
    Author Title Class number
    Burger, E.B & Starbird. M.P The heart of mathematics; an invitation to effective thinking 510
    Hardy, G.H A mathematician’s apology 510
    Darbishire, C. AS- level mathematics. Edexcel core 2; the revison guide 510.76
     Darbishire, C. A2-level mathematics. Edexcel; complete revision and practice 510.76
     Darbishire, C. AS-level mathematics. Edexcel; complete revision and practice 510.76
    Joseph, G The crest of the paecock: non-European root of mathematics 510.9
    Hollingdale, S. Makers of mathematics 510.92
    Kline, M. Mathematics in Western culture 510.92
    Bell, E.T Men of mathematics 510.92
     Bell, E.T AS-level mathematics. Edexcel core 1; the revision guide 512.0076
    Livio, M. The golden ratio; the story of phi, the extraordinary number of nature, art and beauty 512.1
     Livio, M. AS-level mathematics. Edexcel statistics 1; the revision guide 519.5076
     Livio, M. AS-level mathematics. Edexcel mechanics 1; the revision guide 531.0151
  • Music
    Author Title Class no.
    The Cambridge companion to Rock and Pop Frith, S Straw, W & John Street 781.66
    The songwriting secrets of The Beatles Pedler, D 782.421
    The Cambridge companion to the Musical Everett, W. A & Laird, P. R 782.14
    Beethoven and his nine symphonies Grove, Sir G 780.2
    Beethoven’s symphonies: a guided tour +CD Bell Young, J 784.2
    The Beattles literary anthology Evans, M(ed) 782.41
  • Philosophy, Ethics and Religion
    Author Title Class no.
    Abluwalia Foundations for the study of religion 200.712
    Bowie, B Ethical studies 170
    Bowie, R AS/A2 Philosophy of religion and religious ethics for OCR- study guide 210
    Childress, J. F & Macquarrie, J A new dictionary of Christian ethics 241.3
    Clarke, P. J Questions about God: a guide for AS/A2 level students 201
    Clarke, P. J Examining philosophy and ethics: answers for A level 210
    Cole, P Philosophy of religion 210
    Cook, D Moral maze: a way of exploring Christian ethics 241
    Crisp, R. & Slote, M. A Virtue ethics 291.5
    Dunn, J D G The evidence for Jesus 232.9
    Ford, D E Theology: a very short introduction 230
    Gray, R & Cole, P OCR Religious studies for AS 200
    Hayes, M A & Geron, L Contemporty Catholic theology: a reader 230.2
    Horner, C & Westacott Thinking through philosphy – an introduction 100
    Jackson, R & Johnson, S Understanding philosophy – AQA for A2 level 107
    Jenkins, J Ethics and religion 241.5
    Jones, R. G Groungwork of Christian ethics 241
    Jordan, A, Lockyer, N & Tate, E Philosophy of religion for A level 210
    Lawler, R The teaching of Christ : a Catholic catechism for adults 230
    Magee, B The story of philosophy 100
    Mautner, T The Penguin dictionary of philosophy 103
    Mayled, J OCR Philosophy of Religion for AS and A2 (2nd edition) 210.76
    Norman, R The moral philosopher; an introduction to ethics 170
    O’Malley, J.W Trent and all that:  Renaming Catholicism in the Early Modern Era 282.09
    Palmer, M Moral problems in medicine: a practical coursebook 174.2
    Pals, D. L Seven theories of religion 200
    Richards, H. J Philosophy of religion 201
    Richardson, A & Bowden A new dictionary of Christian theology 201.1
    Singer, P Practical ethics 170
    Smith, l. & Reaper, W. A beginner’s guide to ideas 241
    St Aelred of Rievaulx Life of St Edward the confessor 942.019
    Taylor, I OCR A2 Philosophy and Ethics student book 107
    Taylor, I OCR Philosophy and Ethics 170
    Thompson, M An introduction to philosophy and ethics 100
    Thompson, M Ethical theory 170
    Thompson, M Ethics 170
    Thompson, M Religion and science 200.1
    Thompson, M Teach yourself philosophy 100
    Urmson, J O & Ree, J The concise encyclopdia of Western philosophy and philosophers 190
    Vardy P, Arliss, J The thinker’s guide to God 231
    Vardy, P The puzzle of evil 170
    Vardy, P The puzzle of sex(kept at desk – please ask for this title) 176
    Vardy, P Great Christian thinkers 230
    Vardy, P The puzzle of God 201
    Vardy, P. & Mills, M. E The puzzle of the Gospels 226
    Walker, J Environmental ethics 179.1
    Watson, D & Jenkins, S Jesus then and now 232
    Wilcockson, M Sex and relationships 200.1
    Wilcockson, M Social ethics 303.372
    Wilcockson, M Issues of life and death 179.7
    Flannigan, C. Berry, D AQA Psychology for A level  Year 1 & AS 150.76
    Flannigan, C, Berry, D AQA Psychology for A level. Year 2 150.76
  • Physics
    Author Title Class no.
    Webster, E AS/A-Level physics 530
    Adams, S & Allday, J Advanced physics 530
    Market House Books & Cullerne, J. The Penguin dictionary of physics 530
    Johnson, K. et al Advanced physics for you 530.076
    Dobson, K , Grace, D. & Lovett, D Phyics 530.076
    Drumgoole, B & Bush, D. Access to Advanced level physics 530
    Muncaster, R A-level physics 530
    Lambert, A Maths for advanced physics 530.015
    Inglis, M Astrophysics is easy! An Introduction for the amateur astronomer 523.1
  • Psychology
    Title Author Class no
    AQA AS pyschology:complete revision and practice Cotterill, P 150
    AS & A2 level psychology compl;ete revision guide : AQA Parsons, R 150
    AQA AS pyschology Green, S 150
    A2 Psychology :key topics Eysenck, M 150
    Psychology: a new introduction for A level Gross, R. D 150
    Psychology: the science of mind and behaviour Gross, R. D 150
    Psychology for A level Cardwell, M 150
    Simply psychology Eysenck, M 150
    Stree-free living Powell, T.J 155
    Psychology AS: the revision compamion Flanagan, C & Cardwell, M 150.76
    Psychology AS for AQA A: the cmplete companion, student book Flanagan, C & Cardwell, M 150
    Psychology AS: the exam companion Flanagan, C & Cardwell, M 150
    Research methods companion for A level Psychology Flanagan, C 150.72
    Foundations of psychology Hayes, N 150
  • Spanish
    Author Title Class no.
    Alonso de Suadea, I Animo 2 468.2421
    Burch, C Animo 468.2421
    Alonso de Suadea, I Animo 1 : AQA self-study guide 468.2421
    Alonso Vallecillos, R Spanish grammar drills 468.2421
    Kattan-Ibarra, J Spanish grammar drills 465
  • Sport
    Author Title Class no
    Adams, M, Barker, R, Gledhill, A  & Lydon, c Btec Level 3 Sport Book 1 613.71
    Adams, M, Barker, R, Gledhill, A  & Lydon, c Btec Level 3 Sport Book 2 613.71
    Hoffman, J Physiological aspects of sport training and performance 612
    Wood, R. B Social issues in sport 306.48

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