Your Year 8 Journey

Welcome to Year 8!

Last year you began your journey at Cardinal Hume Catholic School; this year marks an important stage in your time at our school as the year after your transition and the year before you make your GCSE choices.

Now that you are well integrated into the school it is important that you are well prepared and as independent as possible. You should come to school each day with all your equipment including your pencil case, planner, KS3 Learning Library folders, two reading books and PE kit (if needed).

Throughout Year 8 you will continue to take assessments in your subjects each module.  These assessments will allow you to build your confidence with exams early in your school career and importantly give you the opportunity to regularly review your progress to improve and reach your full potential.

As your Year Progress Leader, I will be keeping in touch with your teachers and will offer my support too.  I may invite you to one of my lunchtime Study Space sessions, and you may ask to come too. Keep an eye on your tutor noticeboard for my timetable of support. This year you should be more independent with your organisation and be making full use of your Learning Library folder.  Alongside this, you should continue to make use of our wonderful library.  There are 8,000 books: plenty for everyone.  I hope to see you making a strong effort to improve your Accelerated Reading score and take out plenty of books from the selection of  over 8,000 titles.

In Year 8 you will have the opportunity to get involved in some enrichment activities and a range of extra curricular opportunities. I’d encourage each and every student to try new things throughout this year and you may even find your lifelong passion or make new friends along the way! Here at Cardinal Hume Catholic School there is a wide range of extra curricular activities on offer including rugby, football, rock climbing, adventurous outdoor activities, basketball, gymnastics, chess club, KS3 choir and KS3 production.  I may invite you to an enrichment activity too.

As a year group we have the chance to celebrate the values of our school motto and explore the significance of events here and around the world.  We will celebrate individual success as we join together in prayer and reflection.  In Year 8 we believe in the importance of crediting hard work and character and I want you to strive to be recognised through our Monthly Medallist awards.  Endeavour and exceptional progress will also be rewarded.

I am looking forward to working with you all throughout Year 8.

Mr Mann


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