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Curriculum Overview - Design Technology

Throughout their time in Design and Technology, pupils will follow a programme of study designed to equip them with the skills and understanding they need to succeed in studying Design and Technology and Engineering at all levels, into a career and beyond. 

In Year 7 and 8 all students study Design and Technology. Studies in both years are formed of projects which focus on providing students the basic skills and understanding pupils need to best prepare them if they opt to study the subject further. 

In year 9 students choose to study Design and Technology as a full time subject. This provides pupils with more time to develop a broader variety of skills, and greater depth of knowledge. Pupils complete 3 projects during the year, which are designed to support students whether they choose to select the GCSE enable pupils to continue to develop ng students with the skills and knowledge they require to succeed if they choose to further their studies in the subject to the next key stage. 

In years 10 and 11 pupils can opt to study either the GCSE Design and Technology course, or Cambridge National in Engineering Design Level 1 / 2 Award. Both course options allow students to specialise in an area of the subject they are interested in gaining a qualification in, and possibly pursuing further, while allowing them to build upon the key skills and concepts laid as a foundation of their subject knowledge over the course of KS3.  

The A-level course studied by students in years 12 and 13 allows pupils to hone and competently refine a wide variety of practical skills and understanding of working with materials, improved comprehension of key concepts and areas of increasingly complex subject knowledge, as well as develop greater levels of independence and resilience. This will lead to students being better prepared and equipped for their next steps, whether it be into studying a degree, employment, or a higher-level apprenticeship. 

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