Curriculum Overview - Science

Curriculum Intent:

  • Students will learn a foundational knowledge and understanding of the natural world through the specific disciplines of biology, chemistry, and physics.
  • Students will be able to use investigative, mathematical, and analytical skills confidently, across a range of problems and scenarios, both academic and real-world.
  • Students will develop skills to analyse and evaluate information and offer a critical opinion on science that is relevant to their lives, valuing how science can enrich our lives and our society. They will therefore instinctively apply a scientific approach to everything they do.

Curriculum Implementation:

Our curriculum allows students to gain a broad understanding of the world around them in the disciplines of biology, chemistry, and physics. In science students use our OOL (Outline of Learning) to reflect on their progress throughout their learning journey. Every student will be issued with an OOL at the beginning of the academic year, these documents support students in:

  • Self-assessing their own progress against the lesson criteria through the confidence meters.
  • Provides a platform for students to embed skills and concepts into their longer-term memory through revisiting learning.
  • Students can monitor and reflect on their academic progress in science and are able to access content that they have found challenging or missed through absence.

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