Maebh Elected to National Youth Parliament

The recent Gateshead Youth Assembly vote saw our very own Maebh (Y12) standing for election as a YMP.  The borough wide election to the national youth parliament was a superb opportunity to open conversations with students about the importance of their democratic rights. Y12 Politics students took on the organisation of the in-school election, with Josh (Y12) acting as returning officer. They really enjoyed seeing democracy in action.  Maebh’s election as YMP for Gateshead is a huge success story.  Maebh is really passionate about the issues that impact upon young people and we’re sure she will serve the young people of this borough well.


“In the last two weeks I have seen first-hand the dedication of our staff to improving democracy in the school, and my campaign could not have been successful without their support. My tutor Miss McGuigan, through setting up polling stations and giving me guidance on who to contact, has worked ceaselessly to get students engaged in democracy and make all the information accessible. In addition, the staff effort to speak to their students, place information on dashboards, and use student councils to raise awareness has been incredible. When speaking to tutors this week, the number of students who now know about referendums, general elections and now Youth Parliament makes me extremely optimistic about the political education we are providing our students”.

Maebh (Y12) – GYA candidate