Linking with our feeder schools

As part of a project called ‘The Linking Network’, a group of pupils from year 7 have been making connections with year 5 and 6 pupils from St Wilfrid’s primary school in Gateshead.  They have thrown themselves into the project with huge enthusiasm!  Throughout the linking journey, pupils have been learning about identity and equality, culture and diversity and community action.

In May, we were invited to the Laing art gallery in Newcastle where the pupils from the different schools met for the first time.  After getting to know each other through some linking games, they were given the opportunity to circulate the gallery and discuss the artwork.  Inspired by the stories behind the art, pupils from the two schools joined forces in creating their own characters and assembling them in a giant collage! The next phase of the project has been a joint community action project.

The year 7 group visited St Wilfrid’s primary school and talked about the issue of litter in the area surrounding the school.  They grabbed litter pickers and bin bags and ‘Team Linking Network’ made a wonderful impact on the community through clearing the area of rubbish.  There was also time for a team building challenge to see who could build the tallest tower out of scrap paper destined for the recycling bins!  We will be soon welcoming the St Wilfrid’s pupils to Cardinal Hume to carry out some kind actions for the environment here.  All pupils have made us very proud!