Year 8 Retreat

3 November 2017


Dear Parent/Guardian

I am delighted, on behalf of Headteacher Nick Hurn, to invite your son/daughter to an overnight retreat at the Youth Village Consett, which will be led by the Youth Mission Team.  The retreat will be a one night overnight stay with all meals provided and the cost covered by the school. Events will be indoors and include such activities as group work, presentations, poster making and watching DVDs.

Although activities will be indoors students should wear appropriate clothing based on weather conditions at this time of year. Students will need to provide their own towels and toiletries. Meals will be provided and there will be a tuck shop available from which to purchase refreshments.

Students will be transported by bus to and from the Youth Village.  Pupils will leave school at 1.30pm on the day of their retreat and arrive back at the school by approx. 2.40pm the following day.  Students will not be required to wear uniform on the day of their retreat but must wear appropriate casual/smart clothing.

Students will be attending the retreat in tutor groups on the following dates/days:

Monday 4th to Tuesday 5th December                  8NFY/8KSH/8DTE

Tuesday 5th to Wednesday 6th December              8AJN/8FCR/8RON

Wednesday 6th to Thursday 7th December            8KGN/8KFE

Thursday 7th to Friday 8th December                     8SLN/8LEN

Your son/daughter has been invited to attend their Year 8 retreat on behalf of the school. However, some students may be required to stay in school and focus on their studies. At the Headteacher’s discretion these students will be informed that they will not be attending the retreat and will be following their normal Year 8 timetable on the day of the retreat. Issues such as attendance, work completion and behaviour will be taken into account in deciding student attendance on the retreat.  In addition if your son/daughter does not wish to attend they can remain in school and will also be following their normal timetable.

Please also note on the day of the retreat students will not be required to wear uniform but must dress casual smart. No make up is permitted in school. Also, although mobile phones are permitted they are only to be used under the instruction of staff. No photos are to be taken. Any students accessing media platforms such as facebook/snapchat etc…will have their phones confiscated and thoroughly checked. They will then need to be collected by a parent at the school.

We would be grateful if you could complete the reply slip below and the attached detailed medical consent form and return to your child’s tutor by Friday 10th November.

Any queries please do not hesitate to contact me at the school on 0191 4877638  Ext 165 or by email at

Many thanks


Mr Damian McCann

Director of Ethos

To read the full letter, download below:

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