Year 11 Exam & Study Timetable

June 2015

Important Information for Pupils and Parents/Guardians:

From Monday 1st June 2015, Year 11 pupils will follow a timetable to help them with final exam preparation. This is outlined in the following pages.

  • When reading the timetable, any text in RED refers to study sessions. These are compulsory for pupils who have an exam in the subject mentioned. For example, pupils who have an exam in Geography should attend Geography sessions. All pupils have exams English/English Language and Maths – sessions will be delivered to all pupils in these subjects. We have delivered similar sessions in recent years and they have been extremely effective, so full attendance will be most beneficial.
  • When reading the timetable, any text in BLACK refers to external examinations. These must be sat at the times stated in the timetable so excellent punctuality and attendance are essential. All pupils have a copy of their individualised examination timetable.

It is important that all pupils know when their study sessions and external examinations will take place. Please take some time to read the timetable and identify the times when you/your son or daughter should be in school.

If you are unsure about any of the information:

  • Please see your/your son or daughter’s examination timetable
  • Contact Mr. Robson at the school (0191 487 7638).

Please download the full timetable below:

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