‘Who Are You?’ – Family History Project

Calling All Families!

Want to know more about where you come from?

Interested in learning how to research into your family tree and local history?

Join us for our Family Learning project and develop new research skills. Our project will be launched at the Gateshead Archive where we will be guided through fascinating resources and supported in the first stage of our learning journey.

Over the course of the next few months you will build a record of your family, perhaps an album or scrap book, maybe design and create a family tree.  Our last session will be an opportunity for you to share and celebrate your findings with your wider family

Session 1 Tuesday February 25th Gateshead Library / Archive 5.30 -7pm
Session 2 Tuesday March 24th CHCS  6-7.30pm
Session 3 Tuesday April 21st CHCS  6-7.30pm
Session 4 Tuesday May 19th CHCS  6-7.30pm
Session 5 Tuesday June 9th CHCS  6-7.30pm



To confirm your places on the course, contact Mrs M Richardson mrn@cardinalhume.com,  or call school reception 0191 4877638.

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