Main Contact

Careers Leader – Mr M Stobbs | 0191 487 7638

SLT with responsibility for Careers  – Mr M Errington | 0191 487 7638

Email: info@chs.bwcet.com (FAO: Mr M Stobbs or Mr M Errington)

Address: Old Durham Rd, Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, NE9 6RZ


In 2013 Sir John Holman was commissioned by the Gatsby Foundation to research what pragmatic actions could improve career guidance in England and subsequently he developed 8 Good Career Guidance Benchmarks.  In 2015 a national pilot was commissioned, including 16 schools and colleges from the North East, to test how focused action planning and activity can result in meaningful improvements in the benchmarks

Following this positive pilot, a systematic national roll out and adoption of the benchmarks has started, being championed in our region by the North East LEP who are partnering schools and colleges with ‘Enterprise Advisors’ from industry and offering a range of actionable material and trainings to enable progress. Increasingly the benefits and criticality of good career guidance is being recognized broadly and OFSTED inspectors are actively seeking strong examples

Year 10/11 Work Experience Arrangements

Y10 – Work Experience Assembly Presentation


Consistent with the aims and values of our school, specifically ‘To prepare students for adult life and fit them for productive roles at work, in the community, at home and at leisure by providing them with the necessary knowledge, concepts, skills and attitudes’, Cardinal Hume Catholic School has the objective of leveraging the 8 Good Career Guidance Benchmarks to help prepare our students for adult life

Resource & Commitment

Careers Leader – Mr M Stobbs

SLT with responsibility for Careers – Mr M Errington

Executive Headteacher – Mr N Hurn

Head of School – Mr B Robson

North East Local Enterprise Partner (LEP) – David Coe

Enterprise Advisor – Rhys Jones (Proctor & Gamble)

Gatsby Benchmarks

  1. A stable careers programme
  2. Learning from career and labour market information
  3. Addressing the needs of each pupil
  4. Linking curriculum learning to careers
  5. Encounters with employers and employees
  6. Experiences of workplaces
  7. Encounters with further and higher education
  8. Personal guidance

Structured Approach

Here at Cardinal Hume Catholic School, our strategy will structure the approach and leverage the tools and resources offered us to make the most effective progress:

  1. Utilise the Compass evaluation tool to honestly assess current capability and opportunities
  2. Align and clearly communicate realistic and actionable focus areas across the school year
  3. Engage the right resources, both within our school and across our partners, to maximize progress and impact via generously sharing and reapplying best practices
  4. Capture specific activities in ‘Careers Plan’ to document progress and engage all teaching staff
  5. Utilise the Unifrog system / tool to enable each and every student to build a personal profile and document their personal need, encounters, experiences and guidance
  6. Systematically utilize the Compass evaluation tool to measure progress and report back to the sponsor board

External Partners of Cardinal Hume Catholic School

  • North East Collaborate Outreach Programme (NECOP)
  • North East Chamber of Commerce
  • Software City – Work Inspiration Gateshead
  • Deloitte
  • St James Wealth Management
  • Oasis Community Housing
  • Contour Education

Technical Education Provider Access Statement 

In response to the ‘Baker clause 2017’, technical and vocational education providers can access the school in order to inform young people of their options by contacting Mr Stobbs by either ringing the school on 0191 487 7638 or emailing info@chs.bwcet.com including ‘FAO: Mr Stobbs: Technical Education’ as the e-mail title. 

Work Related Learning for Students at Cardinal Hume Catholic School


Year 11

  • CV writing
  • Introduction to Unifrog.org careers website

Year 12

  • NU Entry Visit to Northumbria University

Year 13

  • UCAS preparation


Year 11

  • Be the best version of you – Stephen Riley, CEO M10 Missions
  • Careers search on Unifrog to identify relevant career pathways


  • My Future Booklets
  • SACU Spartan Careers Test

Year 13

  • UCAS preparation


Year 7

  • Careers and raising aspirations event: Carousel of Employers – Tyne & Wear Fire Service, Atomhawk Games Design, Narrative Communications, Newcastle University, Rowan McCabe (Poet), Word Out Media, National Woman in Construction, CollabMedia

Year 10

  • Introduction to work experience – How to contact employers
  • Do’s and don’ts of work experience – Deborah Challis MD of Rubber Road/Numskull Design
  • What if? Work Experience – NECOP Ambassadors
  • Strategic Economic Development of NE: Jobs of the future – David Coe (LEP), Rhys Jones (P&G)

Year 12

  • Work Experience Preparation: Maximising My Potential, Writing Covering Letters, Skills for Careers, Career Terminology, Navigate Unifrog careers library, MyFuture2 Workbook

Year 13

  • UCAS preparation



  • Deadline for UCAS applications


Year 8

  • Identifying interests to explore future careers
  • Raising career aspirations

Year 11

  • Post 16 intentions interviews – CHCS sixth form team

Year 12

  • NU Entry Progression Scheme – Northumbria University

Year 13

  • Update Unifrog with UCAS choices
  • Apprenticeship & Employment group


Year 9

  • Introduction to FutureMe & higher education – NECOP

Year 11

  • Post 16 intentions interviews – CHCS sixth form team


Years 9-13

  • CHCS Careers Fair for all students and parents of years 9-13

Year 9

  • The choice is yours – NECOP

Year 12

  • Progress check of work experience placement


Year 9

  • FutureMe Enterprise – 15 students working with NUFC – NECOP

Year 10

  • Use of Unifrog: How to fill out ‘Work Experience Journal’


Year 10

  • Health & safety in the workplace: How to behave during work experience
  • Skills development – Independence


Year 12

  • Register with UCAS & add subjects and referees to Unifrog


Year 10 & 12

  • Work experience placement week

Work Related Learning Co-Curriculum:

Careers related subject events arranged by departments:

  • Hancock Museum Outreach – KS3 Science students
  • Beamish Outreach Day – KS3 Science students
  • Gateshead Leadership Academy – Y8 PE students
  • Bring It On Science Fair – STEM Careers – Y9 Science students
  • European Challenge: Business Language Champions – Y9 MFL students
  • Creative Change Collaborative Project – Baltic Art Gallery – Y9 Art students
  • Maths within job roles – Mooshoo Labs & JDDK Architect – Y10/11 Maths students
  • Sonography Outreach – NHS – Y10 Science students
  • Careers within Creative Industries – All-in-One Company – Y10/11/12/13 Art students
  • Visit to Komatsu UK, Birtley – Y11 Engineering students
  • Sustainable Futures Talk- Open House @ Howay Inn – Y11 Design & Technology students
  • Arkwight Scholarship: Smallpiece Trust – Y11 D&T/Maths high attainers
  • FA Referee course – Durham FA – Y11 PE students
  • Freelance writing/journalism talk – Sarah Millington
  • BBC Young Reporter – Baltic Art Gallery – Y11 English students
  • Customer Communication – Ravensworth Golf Club – Y12 Business Studies students
  • Talk on role of an architect – MawsonKerr Architects – Y12 Product Design students
  • First Aid Certificate – British Red Cross – Y12 Technical Employment Diploma Students
  • Work placement – 45 days in total at various employers – Y12 Technical Employment Diploma Students
  • Job Roles in Hospitals – QE staff – Y12/13 HSC students
  • Visit to Komatsu UK, Birtley – Y12/13 Product Design students
  • Biomedical Science Workshop – School of Medicine, Newcastle University – Y13 Biology students
  • Chemical Analysis – Pharmacology Dept, Newcastle University – Y13 Chemistry students
  • Pallative Care Q&A – Macmillan Nurses – Y13 HSC students
  • Sports Injury/Physiotherapy, Y13 PE students

Careers Review

Our careers programme is reviewed on an annual basis every June.

FutureMe Year 10 Residential

The three day, two night residential will take place between 7th and 9th April 2020, during the school Easter holiday. The event will offer participants the opportunity to experience the life of a higher education student through academic, team building and social activities taking place across several partner universities and colleges in the North East. The residential is entirely free of charge, including accommodation, meals, activities and transport. Travel expenses to and from the residential can also be reimbursed. Accommodation will be provided at Durham University and participants will be transported to other host higher education institutions over the course of the three days.

The residential is open for applications from Year 10 NECOP target students only.

Apprenticeship Placements

Parent Pack – from Amazing Apprenticeships

Every edition of the Parents’ Pack is full of resources, including what employers are really looking for, hobbies that look good on an application, apprenticeships in the Army, the social life of an apprentice article, and much more!

For more information and resources from Amazing Apprenticeships, Click Here.

Please find below a list of current apprenticeships: