Background contextual information about Cardinal Hume Catholic School

Cardinal Hume Catholic School is an Academy of approximately 1300 pupils including 220 in the Sixth Form. The school is situated Gateshead which lies in the second decile of most deprived areas within the UK. The school’s catchment area is from the immediate vicinity; 29.8% of our pupils are eligible for FSM, slightly higher than the National Average, and in the current Sixth Form 13% of students are awarded 16-19 Bursary.

In Y12, the current Y13 enrolled for 4 A levels or their equivalent. The school has both a strong academic and vocational track record at KS4 so Sixth Form courses allow for progression in both areas with 50% students combining subjects from both. Our most academic students, may take 4 A levels, claiming 1 AS level at the end of Y12 and continuing with 3 A Levels or equivalent in Y13. The overall points per entry in 2016 was 231; the GCE ppe was 221 and vocational ppe was 245. At GCE, 75% of our 2016 Y13 cohort achieved A*-C.

Currently, 82% of Y13 are from families in which they are the first applicant to Higher Education.