Subject Information

In these A-levels, teachers use a wide range of teaching resources including books, film, music, websites newspapers and other authentic materials.  The library also has a subscription to Foreign Language magazines.  You will study the following core content:

  • Social Issues and Trends Political and Artistic Culture
  • Grammar
  • A Film and one Literacy Text


The new changes to A-levels mean that students study for their A-level over two years, taking all exams at the end of Year 13. AS exams no longer count towards an A-level.

Year 13 Units:

Paper 1: Listening, Reading & Writing

Paper 2: Writing

Paper 3: Speaking

A-Level French or Spanish (students studying for 2 years):

  • Paper 1: Aspects of French-speaking/Hispanic Society and Political Life, Artistic Culture in French-speaking/Hispanic World & Grammar (40%): 2 hours 30 minutes
  • Paper 2: One literary text and one film & Grammar (30%): 2 hours
  • Paper 3: Individual Research Project & one of the sub-themes indicated above (30%): 21-23 minutes



  • Study one or more MFL as a main subject
  • Study a MFL in addition to a main subject, such as IT, Business, Science, Engineering, Accountancy, Economics and many more

World of Work

  • Speakers of a MFL are in increasing demand
  • English alone may consign you to the ‘slow lane’
  • Give yourself a cutting edge over your competitors

Careers in languages including Journalism, Law, Business Management, Translating and Teaching.

Careers using a foreign language include business management, law, engineering, science, teaching, civil service and journalism.

Further Information

Please see:

  • Mrs Wood (Head of Department)
  • Mrs Shaw
  • Mrs Craig
  • Mr Clarke