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The Further Maths A-level is a challenging course designed to stretch the most able mathematicians and prepare students wishing to study Maths, Physics or Engineering at University. It is taken alongside A-level Maths course and builds upon the new concepts introduced there.

In year 12 students are introduced to entirely new concepts such as complex numbers and matrices as well as extending understanding of A-level Maths topics. In Year 13, in addition to further developing the topics studied in year 12, students undertake a substantial body of work on the solution to differential equations, a critical topic in physical sciences, finance and many real-life applications of mathematics.

Over both years the students also study additional topics in Statistics, complementing the Statistics work of A-level Maths, and Decision Maths. Decision Maths is the relatively young field of maths which has grown up around the development of computers, focussing on algorithms and how maths can be used to optimise decision-making in business.


All assessment for the A-Level Further Mathematics will be by examinations in the June Series at the end of Year 13.

Paper 1: Further Pure Mathematics 1 (75 marks, 1.5 hours)

Paper 2: Further Pure Mathematics 2 (75 marks, 1.5  hours)

Paper 3: Further Statistics 1 (75 marks, 1.5  hours)

Paper 4: Decision Maths 1 (75 marks, 1.5  hours)


Further Mathematics is a subject tailored to suit the needs of people who are hoping to study Mathematics to a high level, particularly those intending to apply to the mist highly mathematical university degree programmes such as Pure Maths, Physics and Engineering.  It is a course which will only be offered to the most able students.

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