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In Year 12 students will build upon their knowledge and skills from GCSE to achieve a thorough understanding of the core disciplines of Mathematics including Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry. In addition students will be introduced to the basic concepts of Calculus, differentiation and integration. Students will also begin to study the important applied topics of Statistics and Mechanics.

In Year 13 students will extend both the breadth and depth of the topics studied in Year 12. The concepts and methods introduced in Year 2 are extended to prepare students to solve increasingly complicated and involved problems. Throughout the course students are encouraged to develop their problem-solving skills, being prepared to apply mathematical reasoning in unfamiliar contexts.


All assessment for the A-Level Mathematics will be by examinations in the June Series at the end of Year 13.

Paper 1: Pure Mathematics 1 (100 marks, 2 hours)

Paper 2: Pure Mathematics 2 (100 marks, 2 hours)

Paper 3: Statistics and Mechanics (100 marks, 2 hours)


A-level mathematics is essential for any numerate discipline at University:  e.g. Physical Sciences, Engineering, Accountancy, Medicine.  In addition it is a highly respected A-level valued by almost all University courses. It is also well regarded as training for the mind by employers.

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