Government and Politics

 Subject Information

A-level Government and Politics enables students to develop their critical thinking skills and enhance their ability to interpret, evaluate and comment on the nature of politics.

The A-level course consists of three components:

Component 1 – UK politics

Component 2 – UK Government

Component 3 – Comparative Politics – either with the US or global politics.

Over the course, we will ask and answer questions in the following areas: Where does power lie? Who makes decisions? How are we governed? What rights do we have? Can the existence of the monarchy be justified? Why do some people choose not to use their vote?  How do different ideologies impact on the actions and policies of political parties and movements?


Each component is assessed through a written exam.


This course is particularly suitable for students who study Economics, History, Sociology and English. It may also appeal to students who wish to study Government and Politics or History at university. If you are considering a career in Law, Journalism, Business, the Media or Civil Service this may be the course for you. However, any employer will welcome the knowledge and skills that the study of Politics will give you.

Further Information

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