Subject Information

English Language A-level is a demanding course which allows pupils to develop further their expertise in English and explore its impact within the world around them.

Throughout the course pupils will be involved in exploring new concepts of language; enabling them to develop their understanding of English Language as not only a way in which we can communicate with one another, but also as a part of our culture. Pupils will investigate its rich history and the way in which societal influences and the development of technology have impacted the words we use today. Another component of the course involves researching, learning and applying theoretical approaches to the topic of Child Language Acquisition and Variation within Language use.


Units: Y12

·         3.1.1 Textual Variations and Representations

·         3.2.1 Language Diversity

·         3.2.3 Writing Skills

·         3.1.3 Children’s Language Development

 Units: Y13

·         3.1.1 Textual Variations and Representations

·         3.2.1 Language Diversity and Change

·         3.2.3 Language Discourses

·         3.2.4 Writing skills

·         3.3.1 Language Investigation

·         3.3.2 Original Writing


Paper 1: Language, the Individual and Society – Written Exam 2 hours 30 minutes (40%)

Paper 2: Language Diversity and Change – Written Exam 2 hours and 30 minutes (40%)

Coursework: Language in Action: One language investigation and one piece of Original Writing (20%)

(This course is Linear meaning all exams are sat at the end of the course.)

 Career Opportunities

English Language can lead to a whole host of opportunities with regards to your career prospects:

  • Studies in child language acquisition could assist in preparing for a career concerning child development or possibly speech therapy.
  • An in depth knowledge of language and grammar would benefit a future career within education, the media or any other sector involving verbal prowess.
  • English Language will also prepare you for any employment involving vigorous research or investigatory work: Ideal for preparing you for a career in law or scientific study.
  • Knowledge of Language and Variation may also be useful for those considering psychology of philosophy as a future venture.

Further Information

An enthusiasm for English is needed to succeed within this course and it would be advisable to bear in mind that this course will involve memorisation of a wide variety of new linguistic terms and theoretical concepts which you have not studied at GCSE.

Pupils who choose to take English Language will find the course insightful and inspiring but must arrive prepared for the large amount of factual knowledge that they will need to retain in order to succeed in their final exams.

Please see:

  • Miss Deverdics
  • Miss Murphy
  • Miss Bone
  • Miss O’Hagan