Sixth Form Exam Study Leave 2016

If a student takes all Vocational courses they will be in school (8.45am-3.15pm) as normal (ICT, Business, V.Art, Science, Health + Social Care, Sport, Performing Arts)

If students take a mix of AS/A and Vocational they will be expected to  attend all Vocational lessons unless they are in an exam or have permission to take morning Study Leave prior to an afternoon exam

All Y13 Vocational students are expected to complete their courses by Friday 17th June

Any Y13 student re-sitting an AS may take morning Study Leave for an afternoon exam.

If a student is taking all AS/A level subjects they will take Exam Study Leave as follows:

  • Y12 – Monday 16th May – Friday 11th June
  • Y13 – Monday 6th June onwards

For more information and timetables Click Here

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