What are School Colours?

We are proud of our outstanding school. However, an outstanding school is made up of outstanding students and outstanding human beings. During their time at Cardinal Hume, we want them to grow into the unique and wonderful people that God created. Fulfilling their academic potential and importantly, helping their church and broader community reach its potential through their dedication and a life of loving service.

The School Colours system aims to both inspire their growth, and to reward successes, on their journey in becoming the exceptional students, church members, and citizens, that God wants them to be.

For each of the three strands which combine to make us whole, our faith, our academic work, and our service and care to others, they can work towards a special award which will be recognised with a tie and a pin badge which we ask our students to wear with pride. We will ask them to collect evidence of their contribution to these areas throughout the year. We urge them to seek opportunities to stretch themselves beyond their comfort zone.

“Be who God created you to be, and you will set the world on fire”. – St. Catherine of Siena

We always look forward to reading about their diverse achievements as outstanding young people as well as students. It will be with huge pride that we will bestow full and half colours upon those students who have sought to make our school, church and community better through “Fide, Labore, Caritate”.School Colours Flowers

Fide | Faith

At Cardinal Hume Catholic School we hope to inspire our students to grow in their love of God, and their service to His church.

What kinds of evidence could they use?

  • Serving their parish on the altar, as a welcomer, reader, or musician.
  • Attending “The Source”
  • Achieving the John Paul II award
  • Being a member of a group such as CAFOD, the SVP etc.

To achieve this strand our students must have:

  • Actively contributed to their church and parish community by using their own skills or talents
  • Contributed to their parish or church on a weekly or monthly basis
  • Been involved in parish, or diocesan groups, over a period of at least six months.

Labore | Work

At Cardinal Hume Catholic School we want our students to seize with passion, and enthusiasm, the many opportunities to excel in your studies, sport, music and the arts. We want them to be inspired to go on to achieve good careers in the world so that their talents and skills can enrich the lives of all.
They could do this, for example:

  • Achieving Grade 5 or above in Associated Board music examinations.
  • Winning high profile competitions in their field of excellence.
  • Representing county, region, club academy or country in a sport.
  • Consistently apply themselves with dedication and diligence to the performing arts.
  • 100% attendance
  • Positive monitoring results across the year.
  • Achieving exceptional grades across their subjects, including 8 and above As and A*s at GCSE.

Caritate | Care

Jesus’ greatest commandment was to “Love one another as I have loved you”, and all members of Cardinal Hume Catholic School are called to a life of loving service to the wider community so that we can build the kingdom of God in our midst.
They could do this by, for example:

  • Working as a volunteer in the St John Ambulance cadets over a year or more.
  • Achieving the highest awards in Scouts, Girl Guides and similar groups.
  • Being a dedicated and active member of the school CAFOD group over a year or more.
  • Showing dedicated care to those in the school and wider community as a volunteer or sports leader.
  • Undertaking an exceptional, unusual or unique act of selflessness.
  • Achieving John Paul II award.
  • Consistent involvement in the peer mentoring process.

School Colours Flowers

How will your achievements be recognised?

The one strand tie will be awarded to our students who are awarded colours in one of the three strands. Those students would receive a pin badge to represent that strand.
The two strand tie will be awarded to our students who are awarded colours in two of the three strands. Those students would receive a pin badge for each of those strands.
If any student is able to achieve all three strands then they are awarded the full colours tie

Lower SchoolTies Lower

Sixth Form Ties Sixth Form

Pin Badges

Badges v2

Dates to Submit your colours application

  • Submission Week 1 – Week Starting – 11th Dec 2017
  • Submission Week 2 – 19th March 2018