Leave of Absence Taken During Term Time.

Government regulations state that:

“head teachers may not grant leave of absence during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances.”

While leave of absence may be granted during term time it is entirely at the discretion of the head teacher and is not a parental right.
If a parent wishes to take their child out of school during term time they must apply in writing to the school using the following procedure.

  • Fill in an application form requesting leave of absence during term time. These are available from school or can be downloaded below.
  • The school will consider this request.
  • The parent will be informed in writing whether or not the leave of absence has been granted.
  • Reasons will be given if leave of absence is not granted.
  • If the request is granted the absence from school will be authorised. (This will only be in exceptional circumstances.)
  • If the leave of absence is not granted and the parent still takes their child out of school, the absence will not be authorised and the school may refer the matter to the local authority. In such cases a penalty notice may be issued by the local authority. This could result in a fine being issued.
  • The penalty notice is £60 per parent, per child if paid within 21 days and £120 per parent, per child if paid after this date, but within 28 days.
  • Failure to pay any such fine could lead to prosecution in a Magistrates Court.
  • If a parent removes their child without requesting leave of absence from school, it is likely the school will apply to the local authority for a penalty notice to be issued.

Holidays taken in term time are not generally considered to be exceptional circumstances and will not usually be authorised.
Each request for leave of absence will be considered on its merits. The following factors may be taken into consideration;

  • The child’s stage of education and progress to date.
  • The overall attendance pattern of the child.
  • The nature of the planned absence.
  • Rare and exceptional circumstances.

Download Leave of Absence Form