Night of Science – 14th March 6-8pm

At Cardinal Hume Catholic School we absolutely love science, and we strive to share our passion with as many students as possible. With this in mind, we invite you to an exciting evening full of FIZZES, POPS and BANGS that will not only entertain, but also allow you to question your concept of what science is really all about.

The evening is absolutely free and will be taking place on Monday 14th of March from 6:00pm until 8:00pm. This is an event designed with Year 6 students in minds, but we would urge you to bring along any friends or family members who are interested as this promises to be a night to remember for all ages!

The evening will be split into three equally thrilling parts:

Show of Fire: This is a show like no other. We will navigate through a series of questions about fire through some awe-inspiring, intriguing (and often eyebrow-singeing!) demonstrations. If your child loves the limelight, this is a moment for them to volunteer to help us up on stage.

Science Fare: Get stuck in and explore a number of interactive stalls put on by both the students and staff of Cardinal Hume. There will also be some Science themed refreshments to pick up along the way.

Firework Display: The grand finale! Watch a short firework display on the back yard to celebrate the end of the evening.

This evening comes as part of the celebration of British Science Week happening at out school and has been generously funded by the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Places are limited, therefore please reserve your tickets by contacting the school reception ( Please include your surname and the number of tickets you require. You will not need to pick up these tickets- instead, they will ne kept at the door for you.

 We sincerely hope that you can make what will be a truly fantastic evening.

Kind regards,

Mr. R. Swinney (Head of Science)


Designed and produced by Jasmine, year 11.

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