Malawi – Down with Devices

Dear Parents and Carers

Cardinal Hume School is undertaking an exciting new fundraising project and I would like to invite your child to be part of it!

For this last eighteen months I have forged an international link with Chihame Secondary School in Malawi and I had the privilege of going to visit the school in October. On my return from Malawi, three weeks ago, it was obvious that the school required some immediate help in order for their students to finish their education. Chihame has a small group of dedicated teachers who have devoted all of their time to the education of these students (they even live on site to protect the school buildings).

The head teacher is a sensational woman who faces great adversity in her role as a female head teacher. She is committed to the fair education of both boys and girls but she did tell us about some of the difficulties young girls face they include: travelling very long distances to school, teenage pregnancy, a lack of toilet facilities for proper sanitation and premature marriage. It is a fact that far less girls complete their secondary education in comparison to boys. Cardinal Hume School and Chihame School would like to ease the difficulties these girls face by building a dormitory for them to stay in which is why we invite our year seven students to take part in: “Down with Devices”.

Our year seven students have been chosen as a year group to play a fundamental role in this fundraising. They will be part of a programme called ‘Down with Devices’ to raise money for Chihame School. Students will be asking for sponsorship and in return they will give up all their electronic devices for a weekend, which will indeed be a difficult task for any student. The students must record who has sponsored them and for how much on the enclosed sponsorship form. There is also space for them to complete a brief diary account of how they felt and what activities replaced their use of electronic devices.

I believe this fundraiser will be a huge challenge for our students but it will also be a chance for them to interact and talk to their peers without devices, play outside with their friends, read a book or do something else which is both fun and fulfilling. I hope it will teach our students to be selfless and begin to understand a culture very different to our own, where students do not have access to any clean drinking water or toilet facilities never mind electronic devices. This programme is going to give our students a real sense of achievement and pride when they can complete this challenge. The money raised by this will go towards building a dormitory for the girls at Chihame school.

Important dates are:

20th of November: Students have had an assembly on ‘Down with Devices’ and can begin sponsorship.

9th and 10th of December: Students will complete their ‘Down with Devices’ programme

11th of December: Sponsorship money should be brought to school

October 2018 Miss Armstrong will deliver the money to Malawi and begin building work.

Thank you for your ongoing support and I wish the students very good luck in this project. All updates on fundraising will be provided in the Cardinal Virtues newsletter.

Yours sincerely

Miss A Armstrong

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