Letter to Year 12 and 13 Parents / Carers

Please Click Here to download a copy of our letter to year 12 and 13 parents.

Dear Year 12 and 13 Parents and Carers,

I hope you all had a peaceful Christmas.

Next week we are scheduling teaching on Microsoft Teams. This will mean that your son/daughter will need to have access to a device such as a desktop PC, a laptop or a tablet that can connect to the internet. The device chosen will also need to have working speakers.  Your son/daughter will need to know their school username and password.

I am enclosing the guidelines for pupils so you aware of our expectations in an online lesson.

Student Guidelines for Teams Lessons

  • Students agree to attend the Teams lessons.
  • Staff will take the register as usual and complete sixth form monitoring procedures.
  • Students agree to treat others with respect at all times during online lessons. If the code of conduct is not followed appropriately you may be removed from the online lesson.
  • Students will aim to be positive, adequately prepared and participate fully in the online lesson.
  • Students will ensure that they have all the tools (pen, exercise book, equipment, calculator etc.) they need in advance, so that they do not need to leave and interrupt the flow of the lesson.
  • Students will choose a sensible place to work from – ideally a living room or shared (quiet) space in their house.
  • Students agree that all messages they send during Teams lessons, or information they upload, will always be polite, sensible and relevant.
  • Students are aware that Microsoft Teams is a closed school system and only accessible via my school Office365 account and should therefore not invite any guests from outside the class or school to join the system through the misuse of login details.
  • Students should be aware lessons are recorded for safeguarding purposes and stored securely.
  • Students/ parents and carers should only contact staff (via the school e-mail between the hours of 9.00am and 3.20pm)

We hope your son/daughter enjoys the lessons this week and we look forward to our school community being reunited.

Every good wish for 2021,

M Murphy

Deputy Headteacher

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