Late Results 2020

Examination Results 2020

Congratulations to all Year 11 and Year 13 students on their achievements.   We are proud of all the hard work and commitment from our talented students and staff that has contributed to these results.  


Late Results  The following results are delayed: 

Year 11:   L2 BTEC Art,  L2 BTEC Performing Arts,  L2 OCR Cambridge Nationals 

Year 12 and 13:   L2 BTEC Business and Enterprise,  L3 BTEC Applied Science

We will collate and forward any delayed results as soon as possible.


Enquiries   Please email before Thursday 27th August for any queries related to examinations.   We will endeavour to reply as soon as possible but an immediate response may not be possible in all cases as we wait for additional information. We will reply in any case by Friday 4th September.

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