Important Year 12 Parent Information

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Dear Year 12 Parents and Carers,

Many thanks for your ongoing support and for your responses to the online survey last week. This provided valuable information to help us plan for the reopening of the school.

The Prime Minister gave further clarification on the phased opening of schools for Years 10 and 12 in his announcement on Sunday 24th May. Pupils will begin a gradual return to their studies from Monday 15th June, with a maximum 25% of pupils allowed in school on the same day. Please read this letter in conjunction with the detailed information outlined in my previous communications, as well as the school’s Covid-19 Risk Assessment, which is available on the school website.

I would now like to give you an outline plan of how we intend to implement the phased reopening for Year 12. This is provisional and highly dependent on regularly changing guidance from the government, and close monitoring of our local context, in relation to Covid-19 trends:

Dates Focus Information
w/c 8th June Staff Reintegration and Preparation Larger numbers of teachers will be in school to prepare for reopening, plan for the curriculum delivery and ensure that they are aware of the new measures being put in place to mitigate against the transmission of Covid-19.
w/c 15th June Pastoral Care and Reintegration All pupils will be offered an appointment with their form tutor, or another member of staff if their tutor is not available.


Appointments will be socially distanced, take place on a 1-2-1 basis. Pupils are welcome to arrive 10 minutes prior to their appointment time and will leave school after their meeting.


The purpose of these meetings is to focus on pupils’ wellbeing, discuss how their studies are going and to provide them with key information about the new regime and measures which will exist in the school, in order to mitigate against the transmission of Covid-19.


All parents will receive a personal call to arrange this appointment from Monday 8th June. If you stated that your child would not be returning to school in the on-line survey, you will still receive this call. Please inform the caller if you do not wish for your child to come into school.


As the appointments will be staggered throughout the week, pupils will need to make suitable travel arrangements. We advise that they walk to school or are transported to school by members of their own household, if possible.


No canteen facilities will be available for pupils coming in for appointments with tutors.

22nd June-17th July Curriculum Delivery and Futures Work. To ensure we only ever have up to 25% of Year 12 in at any one time we will give each pupil one extended session in each of the subjects they study before the end of term. These sessions are intended to supplement their online learning, address any misconceptions and help guide future online learning.

We will also arrange some Futures sessions, where Year 12 students will begin to plan for university application or employment.


Pupils will receive their timetables during w/c 15th June.


No canteen facilities will be available, and children will return home for lunch.


The change to the school day has been put in place to avoid travel at the busiest times in the day and to minimise potential contacts within the school day.

All pupils must wear their full school uniform and, if the weather allows, refrain from wearing outdoor coats. They should not bring school bags. A folder will be provided for them to carry their course materials  and school planner. School will not be issuing physical resources and IT facilities will not be in use.

Pupils must come equipped with at least a pen, pencil and ruler and not share equipment with others. Pupils should bring their own bottled water to school as dispensers will not be in use.

In line with Government guidance and advice from Public Health England, personal protective equipment (PPE) use in school will only be occasionally necessary, for example if a distance of two metres cannot be maintained from any child, young person or other learner displaying coronavirus symptoms.

This plan may change slightly, radically or entirely, so I would like to thank you in advance for your patience, understanding and ongoing support of the school.

Yours faithfully,

Mr. B. Robson

Acting Head Teacher

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