Funding Crisis for our Schools

Dear parent or guardian,

RE: School Funding

You may have seen a number of stories in the press linked to school finances. School/Academy budgets are used to fund all of our operating costs: everything from resources and equipment for pupils, staffing costs, ICT and buildings maintenance costs.

We felt it important that we let our parents/guardians know at this stage, that there are huge concerns for Head Teachers, staff and governors about rising costs and lower levels of funding in our academies/schools. Gateshead schools will work hard to ensure that cuts have the least possible impact on teaching. However, a continuation of rising costs and a frozen budget means that tough decisions may have to be taken. Over time, school leaders cannot guarantee that such cuts will not impact on teaching and learning, despite doing their best to prevent this.

It is the belief of School Leaders in Gateshead that the time has now come for parents to join us in taking immediate action, demonstrating to all political parties, the unfairness of the education funding system. School Leaders will always act responsibly on behalf of your children and their education. We need your support in order to do this to the best of our abilities.

Please sign the petition on the following website:

Please be assured that Governors and Head Teachers will continue to take the utmost care with budgets, to ensure all the money is spent effectively on your children.

Yours faithfully,

Mr N. Hurn

To read the full letter, download below:

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