Emerald Explorers Creativity Project

Cardinal Hume Catholic School is very proud to be participating in Gateshead council’s ambitious ‘Emerald Explorers’ project this year.  Emerald Explorers is a Gateshead wide project to impact on people of all ages in our local community and is an exploration of how enjoying nature and the outdoors – including our green urban spaces – can impact positively on our wellbeing and spark our creativity.
A number of year 8 pupils are embarking on an Emerald Exploration journey this term to develop their creativity by seeking inspiration in the outdoors.  This week, their journey began with an inspiring workshop led by local author and playwright Danielle Burn.  Pupils were encouraged to re-think the concept of creativity and led through activities including sensory writing and ‘black-out’ poetry.  They were an absolute credit to themselves and got fully involved with the opportunity!  Many pupils were courageous in sharing their writing, which included poetry inspired by nature themed colours and a heartfelt obituary for the lost tree at Sycamore Gap.
Looking forward to our future sessions which will see us out and about in our local area seeking inspiration where we find it!