Catch up Funding Statement

16-19 Catch up Funding Statement of Purpose and Allocation


Cardinal Hume Catholic School welcomes the provision of catch up funding for Sixth Form students.   Following ESFA rules, this funding will be allocated to support Year 12 students who did not attend school fully between the March commencement of lockdown and the start of term in September.   As a result their preparation for sixth form study has been impaired and we welcome the possibility of providing extra support to students to ensure they have the same chance to fulfil their potential as in previous years.  Funding will be directed,  according to ESFA rules,  in the first place to support students who have yet to achieve a grade 4 in Mathematics and English GCSE, and in the second place to support students who have attained a 4 in these subjects but who are yet to attain a 5 in at least one of them.

Scheme of Expenditure

Session Duration No. of sessions No of groups Staffing Start date End date Cost of all sessions Funded by
Anatomy and Physiology – preparation for Level 3 study in Health and Social Care,  Science and Sport* 1 hour 20 2

(10 sessions each group)

CHCS staff 01.02.21 12.07.21 20x£30=£600

(30% extra for total staffing cost £780)

16-19 catch up fund
GCSE English resit support 1 hour 20 1 CHCS tutors 01.02.21 12.07.21 20x£25=£500(30% extra for total staffing cost £650)
GCSE Mathematics resit support 1 hour 20 2 CHCS tutors 01.02.21 12.07.21 40x£25=£1000(30% extra for total staffing cost £1300)
TOTAL £2730



11 – 16  Catch up Funding Statement of Purpose and Allocation


Y11 students : Mathematics and English focus

Cardinal Hume employs 4 casual tutors (2 in each subject) to work with both individual and pairs of students on a long term basis.  Sessions are able to take place in both a face-to-face and an online setting depending on local and national circumstances.  The school budgets £20000 in an academic year for this programme.

The target for these students is often to ensure they leave Year 11 with at least a grade 4 in both Mathematics and English, but students right across the ability range do receive support.

BWCET Trust Tuition Programme : Phase 1

In response to the funding that has been made available to schools to enable students to ‘catch up’ the Bishop Wilkinson Trust has developed a Tuition programme to potentially give extra support to students across every subject area.  Teachers from across the five Secondary schools will work as tutors and work with students from one of the other schools in the Trust.  Phase 1 will see tutors allocated to schools to work in the main with Year 10 and Year 12 students.  These students will need to sit public examinations in 2022 having missed large sections of school time in the preceding academic years.  Students will work, mainly in trios (which ensures maximum possible coverage), with a tutor for a period of 10 weeks.  The academic year 2020-21 will see two such cohorts put in place.

Cardinal Hume has been allocated tutors in HSC, Sport, Maths, Spanish, Computer Science, RE/EPQ, History and Science.  Tutors are generally offering 2 or 3 sessions per week with the approximate cost for an entire 10 week block across all 8 subjects being £9000, or £163 per pupil.

Future phases will see literacy and numeracy at KS3 targeted, as well as further examination support for students approaching public examinations.

Scheme of Expenditure 11-16

Item Cost
Year 11 English and Mathematics Tuition £20000
BWCET Tuition Programme Phase 1 Catch Up £9000
KS3 Literacy and Numeracy Support £30000
Preparation for Public Examinations and Assessment £20000
Contingency Appointments £10000
Library and Student Resources £5000
Technical Support and Hardware £5000



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