Bulletin for Parents September 2018

The new academic year is an exciting and busy time in school. We are delighted to welcome our new Y7 students, and to celebrate the fantastic exam success of our outgoing students at KS4 and 5.  It is also a busy time for families, settling back into old routines or establishing new ones.  We hope that this brief summary of information and events is useful.

Examination Success

We are extremely proud of the achievements of our students this year. Over 60% of Year 11 achieved a grade 5 or above in both Mathematics and English, and more than 80% secured a grade 4 in both subjects. Our English Baccalaureate performance was particularly pleasing, with 57% of the entire year group achieving a Standard Pass and 44% a Strong Pass. In Mathematics, a third of candidates received grades 9-7 and in English, 76% of the year group scored a Grade 5 or above. Special praise must go to those pupils who averaged grades A/A* or 9-7 across all of their subjects – a feat achieved by one in five students.

Diamond Standards

We demand the very highest standards of work, presentation and behaviour at Cardinal Hume.  Please look in your child’s exercise books and folders to find  copies of the Diamond Standards, ‘personalised’ by each department, outlining exactly what your  child needs to do to achieve the very highest standards in presentation and behaviour.

Year 7 Lunchtime Reading

As part of our programme to develop students love of reading and general literacy skills, all Y7 are timetabled for a 35-minute silent reading class one lunchtime each week.  The children are required to have two reading booked with them as part of their standard equipment for lessons.  Reading is in teaching groups, not tutor groups.

Class Day Staff   Class Day Staff
7N MON Mr Crowe   7S THURS Mr Jones
7K TUES Miss Murphy   7A THURS Mrs Riley
7O TUES Mr Jones   7C THURS Mr Errington
7R WED Mr Addison        
7E WED Mrs Flint   7F FRI Mr Robson

Reporting to Parents: Y10 update

In January, pupils will sit internal exams and you will be invited to attend a Parents’ Evening.    Modular reports will be issued in January and July following internal exams. There will be no written comments from the class teacher or tutor.

Modular reports include short-term for the next module, and the end of Y11 target and other aspects of your child’s attitude to learning. Below is an example of modular report.


Subject Target End of Yr 11 Target Attainment Presentation of Work Completion of Work Homework Response to Feedback General Behaviour Teacher
Art 4- 5- 4+ 1 1 2 2 2 Mrs J Smith




Attendance and punctuality

To ensure that all students achieve their full potential, it is vital that they attend school every day, punctually.  100% attendance =190 days in school.   95% sounds good but…

  • 95% equates to missing more than 1 lesson a week
  • Over a year that adds up to 2 weeks – or 50 lessons
  • Over 5 years that equals ¼ an academic year
  • It is likely to mean a drop of at least one GCSE grade


Home / School Partnership

An effective partnership with positive communication between home and school is vital to ensuring that our children flourish.  There are many ways you can support your child’s education and be involved in school.

Parent Pay 

An online facility which enables payments for school meals, trips and other school activities.  Using the secure website you are able to pay online using your credit or debit card. You can also view your child’s purchases in the canteen each day and make payments trip payments for educational  visits throughout the academic year.


My Child At School

Check your child’s attendance, progress reports and much more. Login details to be issued very soon. Go to


Family Learning

We have an extensive programme of activities for students and carers – an excellent opportunity for families to learn new skills, have lots of fun, and for parents to experience the school from their child’s perspective. Family Cooking is underway with a full class of Y7 families. For the full programme of  events go to:          https://www.cardinalhume.com/parent-information/family-learning/

Parent Partners

Join our Parent Partners forum where staff and parents / carers meet to discuss a range of curriculum issues and any other matters arising. You don’t need to make a long term commitment, there is no fund-raising or social activities, just an opportunity for parents to discuss ideas and issues with other parents and with school staff.       Next meeting:  Tuesday 16th October 6-7p.m.

Contact details

It is vital for safeguarding purposes that school has up-to-date contact details for parents and carers in case of emergency.  Please contact school immediately if you address or phone number changes, or if you want to change the named person to call.

Extended School

Our staff give a lot of time to offer students a wide range of opportunities outside the classroom. Have a look on the website and encourage your child to get involved!

Extra Curricular Timetable:


Eco Club events:


FREE MCROSOFT OFFICE 365   for students to use on up to 5 devices.  Includes Word, Excel, Powerpoint and more. Use school email and password to log in (www.office365.com) (portal.offic.com)

Y7 Parents’ ‘Meet The Tutor’   Wednesday 10th October  4-6pm

4 pm for parents of children with surname A-M

5pm for parents of children with surname N-Z

An opportunity for parents to meet their child’s tutor and chat about their child’s first few weeks. There will be opportunities to attend presentations in the Main Hall regarding, assessment, curriculum, and how to support your child at school.

Important dates for your diary:

25.9.18            Y11 Achievement meeting for parents   6-7pm

10.10.18          Y7 Parents ‘Meet the Tutors’ and assessment information evening 4-6pm

16.10.18          Parent Partners meeting – 6-7.00pm  All welcome.

17.10 19          Sixth Form Parents Information Evening

23.11.18          Modular reports to parents of Y7, 8, 9, 12 and 13

26.11.18          Y8 Parents Evening 2.45 – 6.00pm

19.12.18          Advent Service 6.30 – 7.30 pm


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