Bright Ideas Challenge

We’d just like to offer a huge congratulations to the following Y8 students who were regional winners in Shell’s national Bright Ideas Challenge. The competition was entered by 400 schools, with our school being one of the 13 regional winners. The team consisted of Rehan, Ed, Tom, Callum and Myles. Their bright idea was to replace nuclear fission with nuclear fusion within reactors in nuclear power stations to create a clean, safe and sustainable source of energy. The level of research carried out by the boys was exceptional.

The prizes for their win were £1,500 for school STEM activities, a tablet computer for each team member and a fully funded trip to Shell’s Make the Future Live exhibition which Mr Stobbs and Mr Atkin took the boys to. Photos from this excellent trip can be seen below.

Mr Stobbs, Rehan and Ed also took part in a radio interview which will be aired on local radio stations (dates have not been confirmed as to when this will be aired).

It’s a real achievement for the boys and is evidence of the potential we have in our school.

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