The influence which home and school each has on the development of a young person cannot be overstated. Personal values, balanced judgements and a sense of proportion all have their roots in the wonder years. The partnership between parents and school is vital if common goals are to be achieved. Our guidance system is designed to supplement that offered by caring parents. We trust that home and school can work together from a basis of school values as we seek to do our best for our young people.

There are specific ways in which we would ask the support of parents:

  • Regular and punctual attendance is essential if students are to achieve their best;
  • Parental support in ensuring that homework is completed satisfactorily and on time aids the effective delivery of the curriculum;
  • Membership of the Cardinal Hume Parents Group offers parents and teachers the opportunity to co-operate in social and fund raising events for the general good of our school. All parents and friends are encouraged to support our charitable and fund raising efforts as we seek to fulfil our Christian Mission;

Parents’ Evenings, along with academic reports, are an important aspect of co-operation between parents and teachers. It is on such evenings that potential problems may be highlighted and therefore addressed, as well as recognising and celebrating the achievements of our students.