The children and staff of Cardinal Hume Catholic School are housed in a £24 million state of the art school built on a new greenfield site (Whitehouse Lane). The school is designed to accommodate 1372 students. Since 2013, due to parental demand for our growing number of students, the school has successfully bid for an additional £5 million (approx) to further enhance and extend the existing site. It is a landmark building ‘jam packed’ with the latest available technology. Students, staff and the community benefit from a purpose built bespoke design that has the education, welfare and comfort of its primary users (the children and staff) at its core.

In June 2014 a £1.5 million extension to the school was erected. This extension incorporated a dozen extra classrooms, as well as study and social areas for Sixth Form students. Again the build quality and facilities are of the highest standards. Indeed, in July 2015 we commenced yet another extension to our existing building. We again obtained a further £1m to create another eight classrooms, this time added to our original tower. March 2017 saw the completion of our latest £1.4 million extension to our sports facilities, including a gym equipped to commercial standards, a studio, four additional changing rooms and offices.

Every classroom is equipped with the latest wireless technology as well as hard-wired computer facilities, interactive projectors and broadband access. The classrooms, specialist areas and other learning environments in and around the new school are designed in order to maximize students’ learning opportunities and also to provide teachers with facilities and provision that are second to none.

The school is equipped with a four court sports hall, dance studio, music recording studio, film and AV studio as well as a dedicated and purpose built Sixth Form centre which contains study and ICT areas as well as social spaces inside and outside of the school.

However, one of the most striking features is the library and atrium space at the heart of the building. The library is placed centrally in order to allow ease of access for the whole school. The area below the library is part of a huge indoor social space that is large enough to accommodate all of the children in school easily during bad weather.

The outdoor facilities are also very impressive, consisting of a number of grassed and hard court areas dedicated to sport and PE, coupled with a variety of purpose built social and recreational areas for student use during break and lunchtimes. Access onto and off the site has been carefully planned and designed to ensure the safety of the students travelling on foot, by car or bus.

Vehicles and pedestrians have their own dedicated access routes. School buses travel onto the site in order that students may alight safely at all times. A network of CCTV cameras, hi-tech security systems and carefully designed landscaping ensure that students, staff and anyone who uses the building or site is safe and secure.