In a school of over 1400 students, it is important that each individual feels secure, confident and valued. Our pastoral system is designed to do just that.

On entry to our school, each student is allocated to one of five houses: St Bede, St Aidan, St Cuthbert, St Hild or St Oswald. Working under the general co-ordination of a Head of House, each teacher has pastoral responsibility for a group of around 25/30 students. Through a planned pastoral programme, the teacher addresses the social and emotional needs of students and supports their learning and development.

Progress in learning is also enhanced by a system of target setting, supported by a team of Pastoral Mentors who ensure that each individual is provided with the necessary help to achieve their potential.

Essential to the valuing of the individual is the system of praise, whereby students are awarded merits for academic and social achievement set against a background of healthy inter-house competition.

Contributions to the life of the house and therefore the school, be they physical, mental or spiritual are also recognised through the Praise system ensuring that the achievement of each student can be acknowledged irrespective of academic ability.

Special Educational Needs

The School’s provision for children with special educational needs aims to:

  1. Create an environment where children with special educational needs feel welcome and where their special needs are addressed as far as resources allow.
  2. Integrate students with special educational needs into the full life of the school.
  3. Minimise, as far as possible, the educational disadvantage that results from special educational needs.
  4. Make the necessary provision to maximise the performance of special needs students.

Our SEN pupils do well. A copy of the SEN arrangements can be obtained from the school.

Sex Education

Education on sexual matters will include both the moral and physical aspects of this topic and will be covered in Religious Education, Biology lessons and IAG where appropriate, in a suitable context and within the general religious and moral attitude of the school. It provides knowledge about the processes of reproduction and the nature of sexuality and relationships.

It encourages the acquisition of attitudes which allow students to manage their relationships in a responsible and healthy manner. Parents may withdraw their children from all or part of the sex education provided.