All of the judgements about the school feed into 2 key measures that determine the school’s overall grade:

Ofsted Judgement
Overall Effectiveness of the School 1
Key measures
How well does the school meet the needs of
individuals and different groups of pupils at all
stages of their education?
What is the school’s capacity for sustained improvement? 1

As you will notice the school was judged to be outstanding in both key areas.

Our school was also inspected by the Diocese of Hexham and Newcastle in January 2009. Again the school was found to be outstanding.

“ Cardinal Hume is an outstanding Catholic school with a strong sense of community at the heart of its vision. The vision of the governors, Headteacher, senior and other leaders has been transformational, giving a clear direction to the school”

“ Provision for Collective Worship is outstanding and of high quality. There is a well structured programme which provides the basis of the prayer life of the school”

“ A powerful sense of community pervades every aspect of life at Cardinal Hume. Its contribution to the promotion of community cohesion is outstanding. The mission statement is lived out in all aspects of school life and every person is treated with care and tolerance”

Section 48 – Diocesan Inspection Report 2019


Overall Effectiveness of the School Outstanding 1
Catholic Life  Outstanding 1
Religious Education Good 2
Collective Worship Outstanding 1

There is a strong Catholic ethos and a culture of hard work, faith and kindness. Staff and students care for each other and there is a genuine sense of inclusion, care and service to others. Staff and students feel valued. They have pride in their faith, their school and its place in the local community.

The Catholic Life of the school is outstanding. This is underpinned by a very strong sense of mission which emanates from the headteacher and flows through the whole school community. Staff bear authentic witness to Christ’s message which contributes hugely to the Catholic culture and drives the notion that all can be leaders of Catholic Life. The school is determined to ensure that everyone becomes the best they can be.

Religious Education at Cardinal Hume School is good. Students achieve a good standard and teachers work hard. Students like their teachers and good relationships exist. Student progress is tracked over time and quality resources are used to support learning. Senior leaders rigorously monitor Religious Education. This tracking is excellent and is having a positive impact on outcomes. Behaviour for learning in lessons is outstanding.

Collective Worship is outstanding. The whole school community values the life-affirming role carried out by the lay chaplain and all benefit from her presence in the community. Students prepare, deliver and engage with a range of prayerful experiences provided by the school.

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