Medieval Medicine

BBC Teach Medieval Overview:

Ways of death in the West: Medieval Medicine:

Medieval Apocalypse, the Black Death:

Medical Renaissance

BBC Teach Renaissance Overview:

BBC Teach Vesalius Pare and Harvey (Note: Pare is not on the exam):

BBC Teach- 16th and 17th century medicine- including William Harvey:

Medicine in the Industrial Age, c. 1700- c.1900

BBC Teach Eighteenth Century medicine

BBC Teach Nineteenth Century Medicine

BBC Teach Public Health and Cholera (Edwin Chadwick and John Snow0

BBC Teach it Pasteur and Koch- Ideas about the cause of disease:

Medicine in Modern Britain 1900- Present

Fleming, Florey and Chain

BBC Teach Founding of the NHS:

Discovery of DNA:

Overview clips and documentaries:

BBC Bitesize Medicine Through Time:

Impacts of war on medicine and surgery:

History Channel, Human anatomy and medicine:

Getting better, 200 years of medicine: