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Introduction to Transition at Cardinal Hume Catholic School

Transition from primary to secondary school is a very exciting and challenging time for any child, and also for their parents and carers.  To help our prospective Y7s to feel comfortable and secure, and to welcome them and their families as part of our school community, an extensive Transition programme is planned for the summer term.  Once you have received confirmation of your place at CHCS, you will hear from us very quickly with details of the Transition events to follow. We also contact primary schools to inform them of our plans.

Our Y6 Transfer programme begins with a pastoral ‘Welcome Day’ when pupils are placed in the tutor groups which will be theirs from Y7 to 11.  This is an opportunity to make new friends and to learn about our ethos and expectations at Cardinal Hume.

The Welcome Day is followed by two Curriculum Days.  On these days Y6s follow a normal timetable, taking breaks and lunch with CHCS pupils, and taking part in a range of lessons in departments around the school.  A copy of last year’s Curriculum Days timetable can be found in this section of the web site.

Parents are invited to join us for Taster Family Learning sessions in English and Maths, and also to attend an important Welcome Meeting with our Head Teacher, Mr Hurn.  At this meeting parents will learn more about our school expectations and ethos and will be introduced to key senior staff including their child’s Head of House.  The Welcome Evening is an invaluable opportunity to clarify any concerns parents may have regarding Y7, and to select and order items of uniform and sports kit.


Notes from Parent Partners Meeting

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Parent Handbook 

Please Click Here to download our useful Parent Handbook


Cardinal Hume Cluster Annual Y5 Singing Festival

We love to work with our primary partners, and our annual Singing Festival is always a favourite.  Each spring we invite Y5 pupils and their teachers to join us for a morning of rehearsals in which they work with Cardinal Hume Music teachers, playing musical games and learning a repertoire including folk songs from around the world,  pop songs  and some fun singing games.

The standard of performance this year was as fantastic as ever, with 150 pupils learning six new songs from scratch, singing in 3-part harmony.  Favourites this year included ‘Baby Shark’, complete with actions, and Coldplay’s ‘Viva La Vida’.  As always, we were delighted to welcome family and friends to the final performance.

We hope that our Y5s enjoyed their visit to Cardinal Hume, and look forward to welcoming them back to further Cluster events.


Parent Survey

Each year parents are invited to complete this questionnaire regarding your child’s transfer and transition to Cardinal Hume Catholic School.  Below is a summary of Transition projects/meetings which have taken place over the last two years.  Parents/carers tick the boxes below which most closely indicate the level to which you agree with the given statements. The results of our most recent survey are summarised below.

Events Open to Catholic Feeders Events Open to all pupils/parents* Events Open to all pupils/parents*
Y5 Singing Day and Concert Y6 Welcome Day June* Y6 Open evening Oct*
Y5 Sports Day Y6 Transition Curriculum Days July* Y7 Parents’ Welcome Evening*
Y6 ‘Play In A Day’ Additional visits by appointment* Y6 Family Learning: English*
Y6 Family Learning: Maths*
Parents’ Handbook – key information*
Y7 Family Learning: Cooking*
Y7 Family Learning Courses: English/ Maths*
2 3 4
1 My child had opportunities to visit CHCS in  Y5  and Y6 3 3 5 10 79
2 My child felt confident about coming to CHCS 1 3 12 23 61
3 I felt  confident about my child coming to CHCS 2 1 6 15 76
4 I felt  well-informed about CHCS when my child was in Y6 1 0 5 22 72
5 I found the Parents’ Handbook helpful 0 1 4 16 79
6 My child was well prepared to transfer to CHCS 0 1 7 24 68
7 My child was aware of work and behaviour expectations at CHCS 0 0 4 15 81
8 I was aware of work and behaviour expectations at  CHCS 0 0 4 8 88
9 My child looked forward to attending CHCS 1 3 7 22 67
10 My child has settled well at CHCS 0 1 2 22 73

Overall responses:

  • 98%   Satisfactory or better (3+)
  • 92%   Good or better (4+)
  • 74%   Outstanding (5 )

Issues arising from individual responses:

 Pupils from non-feeder schools – parents expressed concern at lack of earlier opportunities to visit CHCS.

Unfortunately we are not able to issue invitations to non-feeder schools, but we do run a range of Family Learning events throughout the year, many of which are open to all.

Practicalities – children are concerned about moving around the building, pricing in the canteen etc. 

Pupils are guided in their first few days, and all staff and pupils are happy to assist lost Y7s.

We understand that new pupils may take a little longer to get from A to B at the start of term.

Challenging levels of homework

We make no apology for setting challenging work, but support is always available at Homework Club and pupils should always discuss any problems with their class teacher.

Stress due to strictness of school culture

At Cardinal Hume we insist on the very highest standards of behaviour and work, but temper this with care and understanding. The Transition Days offer pupils an opportunity to learn about our expectations, but also to familiarise themselves with the pastoral support available.  Close partnership between school and home is the key to supporting pupils in achieving and maintaining the highest standards.

Summary of the Transition Survey

We are delighted to see such positive feedback from parents, demonstrating an overwhelming satisfaction with the Transition process. This has been reflected in the secure start that our current Y7 has made in Cardinal Hume.

We take all feedback seriously, and responses to our survey showed that some parents of pupils from outside of our Catholic Cluster of feeder schools were concerned that their children had fewer opportunities to visit us at CHCS.  Unfortunately we are not at liberty to invite pupils from outside our Cluster to join us for events until they have been formally offered a place at Cardinal Hume, however we do endeavour to provide an extensive and varied programme of events for the summer term, including a number of opportunities for parents.  All the events/resources highlighted(*) are available to all our prospective Y7 children, and we strongly advise families to attend as many of these events as they can – the schedule for this year can be found here on the website.


  • Y6 Family Learning events at CHCS in the holidays are open to all local families – book through the Family Learning service.
  • Transition continues into Y7, so try to join us for Y7 Family Learning events.


Some comments from parents/carers.

My son has settled in Year 7 very well. It’s a huge step for them, but it doesn’t take long before they get into a routine.

We are delighted with the support offered to [our daughter] and the obvious hard work of all the staff working with her.

[Our son] is very much enjoying his time at the school. He talks about it non-stop and has made new friends.  He is growing in confidence which as parents we are delighted with. 

[Our daughter]  joined CHCS from a non-feeder school. We have been very impressed by the transition both before and during the new academic year. 

[Our daughter] has settled into CHCS really well and is very happy at school.  We are really pleased with her attitude to homework when she brings it home.


Year 6 Transition Programme – Summer 2017

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A Letter to our New Starters from a Year 7 Pupil

When I visited Cardinal Hume Catholic School for the first time it seemed massive.   I thought I would never find my way round, that  I would get lost on my way to every lesson.  However, that didn’t happen. There is always someone to help you find your way in the first few weeks of term.


I enjoyed the Transition days – I made a special friend on the first day and she is still my best friend now.  After three days in school I felt much more confident, particularly about travelling to school on the bus.


The main thing I worried about in the holidays was that I would forget things – books, pencil case, stationery etc.   I was also worried about the work – would it be too hard and would I manage the homework.  I do have to work hard, but I get a lot of support from my teachers – never be afraid to ask for help with your work.  A good tip – you need to be very organised.  Make sure you use your Planner properly, and you can’t go wrong.


On the first day at Cardinal Hume I was very nervous in the morning but as soon as I arrived I realized there was nothing to be scared of.   I have made lots of friends in my tutor group and teaching group, but have stayed in touch with my old friends from primary school too.


There are lots of extra-curricular activities that you can join in.  I have discovered some new talents – acting, singing and dancing.  Other people in my class have joined sports clubs and art club.  There is always something to get involved in.


So, welcome to Cardinal Hume Catholic School! My best advice to you is to make the most of all the opportunities to get involved in school life, and to work hard so you achieve your dreams.

Year 7 Pupil