Pupils should be smartly dressed by wearing the correct uniform throughout the school day, including the journey to and from school.

Pupils appearances must be deemed socially acceptable by the school. Failure to comply with this may result in sanctions being imposed.


  • Black Blazer embroidered with school badge
  • Black skirt – Year 7 girls to wear a black pleated skirt (this will be rolled out to whole school in Sept 2020)
  • Years 8 -11 skirt must be pleated or A-line and knee length (no stretch fabric)
  • Black formal trousers – not leggings, jeans or tight fitting styles (no stretch fabric), no decoration e.g. gold zips
  • White formal shirt – not polo shirt or fitted blouse
  • School tie – worn to show 6 stripes
  • Plain black leather sensible shoes
  • Socks/tights – plain black opaque


  • Black blazer embroidered with school badge
  • Black formal trousers – not jeans
  • White formal shirt – not polo shirt
  • School tie – worn to show 6 stripes
  • Plain black leather sensible shoes
  • Socks – plain black


  • Blazers must be worn at all times unless permission has been given by the classroom teacher.
  • Outdoor coats must not be worn in the school building. Outdoor coats must be kept in lockers. No denim or leather coats may be worn to school.
  • School hat – optional. Available from school. No other hat may be worn.
  • Top buttons of shirts must be fastened to the neck and ties fastened up to the collar. Shirts must be tucked into skirts or trousers.
  • Plain black V-neck jumper – optional.
  • Black formal shoes – no boots, plimsolls or trainers.
  • Belts, if worn, must be narrow and plain black.
  • No jewellery except a wristwatch.
  • No make-up or nail varnish.
  • No visible piercings or tattoos.
  • Hair styles and colours must be deemed socially acceptable by the school. Long hair must be tied back at all times.
  • No extreme haircuts including lines or extreme differences in length. No Skin fades with ‘no blade’ and no hair should be shorter than a No 2.

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